Spotlight Interview | Step Inside a Nashville Audition with LoCash’s Bass & Guitar Players



Talent Doesn’t Equal Respect | How to Build a Positive Reputation in the Music Industry 



“The Chameleon Drummer” – Myron Howell, of Jake Owen, Shares How Being Different Helps You Blend in & How to Land Endorsements 




Artist Interview | Whitney Duncan: Nashville Star Gives Realistic Advice to Aspiring Artists & Musicians


Artist Interview | L.A. Pro Guitarist, Rafael Moreira, Shares How the Versatile Musician Wins


A-List Guitarist Adam Shoenfeld Shares Advice on Gear, Tone & Sticking to Your Guns Stylistically


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The Tour Journal

Derek Williams‘Tour Journal’ Webisode Series | Guitarist, Derek Williams  

In this exclusive TMG webisode series, Derek Williams takes you along with him on a 2014 tour for a major label artist. Get an inside peak at what tour life is really like while learning about the gear they use, how to prepare for gigs, and how they make the most of down time on the road. Watch it now!



Special Features

derek williams - wampler pod castSpecial Feature Pod Cast | Chasing Tone

The Wampler Pedals Team interviews Jake Owen Guitarist and TMG CEO/Co-Founder, Derek Williams, to get the low-down on everything from tour life to tone. Watch Full Video…




Brian Wampler

Special Feature Interview | Brian Wampler, Owner and CEO of Wampler Pedals 

In this Special Feature, That’s My Gig hung out with Brian Wampler of Wampler Pedals to discuss how he started his pedal company, how being a guitarist first and foremost influences his effects designs, and his advice to people interested in a career in the music business. Plus, he shreds for us! Watch Full Video…



Career Insight and Advice From the Pros

LoCash guitarist and bass player- Zach Fowler and Corey  RossSpotlight Interview | Step Inside a Nashville Audition with LoCash’s Bass & Guitar Players

The Nashville audition circuit is a very exclusive, and elusive animal, which is why That’s My Gig continues to bring you real stories from working pros, like Corey Ross and Zach Fowler of LoCash. Zach and Corey both moved to Nashville around the same time and have had similar journeys. We caught up with our former TMG Career Counseling Protégés to find out how their dream of landing a Nashville, full time touring gig, came into fruition.
Read More…


Talent Doesn’t Equal Respect | How to Build a Positive Reputation in the Music Industry

So you want respect. You want your peers to look at you as the next Kenny Greenberg, Brian Nutter, or Joe Don Rooney. Awesome! It’s not going to be easy, but you have to start somewhere. A common thread as to why so many talented musicians can’t hang on to success, or never find it, is a lack of respect amongst the industry and/or their peers. Here are six actions you can take, which will help you to gain and maintain a respect that could be the foundation for a lifetime career in music. Read More…

myron 4

Myron Howell Shares How Being Different Helps You Blend in & How to Land Endorsements 

His boldness to always be who he is, and bring what can only be described as “The Myron Style”, to country music, is what makes Myron Howell a necessity to the business and the fans. Myron has played with heavy hitting artists like Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Justin Timberlake, Michael Bolton… and now Jake Owen. TMG is honored to share Myron’s story, as he describes how he found success, how to land endorsements, and how to always be a winning musician. Read More…

sir photoBreaking Barriers in the Music Biz | How to Really Stand Out at Auditions and in Life

Every time a working artist, pro side musician, or industry exec. steps into a rehearsal studio or local venue, aspiring musicians should embrace that time as a unique opportunity. These people are naturally equipped with real insight to securing employment. They are a special breed of educator… exactly the kind of teacher That’s My Gig has recruited to lend advice to future pro musicians like you. Inevitably, what surfaces as the truth on how to get a gig goes WAY BEYOND music theory or technique. Read More…

Whitney Duncan

Artist Interview | Whitney Duncan: Nashville Star Gives Realistic Advice to Aspiring Artists & Musicians

Whitney Duncan’s tenacity and hard work continue to pay off. As a writer, her original music has been featured in the movie Footloose, on Danielle Bradbury’s recent debut album, and on Kenny Rogers’ 42 Ultimate Hits album. As an artist, she’s had several songs on U.S. Country Charts, including her fun and flirty hit, “Skinny Dippin”. TMG caught up with Whitney as she returned home from racing around the world on The Amazing Race, to get her advice on how to keep up in the world of the Music Business Race. Read More…

Rafael MoreiraArtist Interview | L.A. Pro Guitarist, Rafael Moreira, Shares How the Versatile Musician Wins

That’s My Gig asked pro L.A. guitarist, Rafael Moreira of Brazil, to share his success story on moving to L.A. and becoming a top touring guitarist for artists like Christina Aguilera and Pink, on creating and fronting his own band (Magnetico), as well as how he landed the gig as house guitarist for The Voice and American Idol. Check out this incredible interview to learn how Moreira ventured into versatility and became an L.A. virtuoso.
Read More…

Adam ShoenfeldFrom Chik’n Pick to Grip & Rip | Adam Shoenfeld Shares His Advice on Gear, Tone, and Sticking to Your Guns Stylistically

Not only did Adam Shoenfeld leave the east coast for the south to make that a dream his reality, but he also found great success as a session player, writer, and producer. His unique sound has landed him gigs playing on albums for artists like Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Jake Owen, and more. That’s My Gig caught up with Adam, between his busy tour dates with Tim McGraw, to find out how he broke into the world of country with ambitious fervor, and found the key to success.  Read More…

Ashley PurdyArtist Interview | Ashley Purdy of the Black Veil Brides: ‘Behind the Veil’

Black Veil Brides have had No. 1 hits on iTunes’ Top Album Chart and the iTunes Rock Chart. They’ve also recently embarked on multi-continental tours and had song placements in major films. That’s My Gig was thrilled to catch up with BVB’s bass player and backup vocalist, Ashley Purdy, to find out how the band has made its way through the maze of a very calculated music industry, and how Ashley went from small town Missouri to being a part of the biggest thing in rock since Mötley Crüe. Read More…

Rich Redmond Artist Interview | ‘No Overnight Success’, with Jason Aldean drummer Rich Redmond (part 1)

Rich Redmond, touring and session drummer for Jason Aldean, is one of the most in-demand drummers in the music industry. His credits include; Bryan Adams, Kelly Clarkson, Jewel, Ludacris, Barbara Mandrell, and more. TMG was honored to be able to catch up with Rich in between his busy touring and teaching schedule, to find out how he has achieved such diverse success as a musician. Read More...



Road Life Video Series – Survival Tips

That’s My Gig brings you Road Life 101. Ever wonder what life is really like for a major label musician out on the road? Check out our Survival Tips page to find inside information and road life survival tips from the pros.

Derek Williams#10 “How to Survive a Fly Date “

Derek Williams, guitarist for Jake Owen, gives his step by step approach to preparing for your next fly date gig. Watch Video…




Bill Vandiver#9 “Bill Vandiver, DIY Hair and Makeup for Television ” 

Bill Vandiver, award show stylist (CMAs, ACAs, ACMs, AMAs, and Grammys) shares his advice on how to look your best on camera. Watch Video…



Jon Hull #8 “A Day in the Life of Jason Aldean Tour’s Drum Tech”

Jon Hull, drum tech for Rich Redmond (of Jason Aldean’s band), talks about how he prepares for a show day on a major tour. Watch Video…




Rich Redmond#7 “Be a Good Boy Scout” 

Rich Redmond, of Jason Aldean’s band, shares his Survival Tips on the Road: Be a Good Boy Scout: How to come to each gig fully prepared. Watch Video…



Love and Theft#6 “Love and Theft Pre Show Ritual” 

Stephen Barker Liles, of Love and Theft, gets real before a show. Flat ironing hair, stretching on the tour bus, and more! Watch Video…




Tour Bus Bunk#5 “Noise Reduction Mod for Your Tour Bus” 

Chris Torri, Production Manager, shares his Survival Tip with Chris demonstrates how to damper the sound of the air compressor on the automatic doors on the tour bus using MacGuyver-like tactics with case foam and electrical tape. Watch Video…

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