A-List Guitarist Adam Shoenfeld Shares Advice on Gear, Tone & Sticking to Your Guns Stylistically


Gig Talk | 6 Social Media Rules to Make You More Hire-able for a Gig


Secrets to Success: A Career Counselor is Willing to Tell You What No One Else Will…


Artist Interview | Grammy Award-Winning Producer, Andreao ‘Fanatic’ Heard is “The Prepared Opportunist”


‘Nailing the Audition’ | Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Bonds & Tyler Chiarelli Explain How


Artist Interview | Ashley Purdy of the Black Veil Brides: ‘Behind the Veil’


Artist Interview | Shannon Bex of Danity Kane: ‘Reality’ in the Music Biz


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The Tour Journal

Derek WilliamsNew ‘Tour Journal’ Webisode Series | Guitarist, Derek Williams  

In this exclusive TMG webisode series, Derek Williams takes you along with him on a 2014 tour for a major label artist. Get an inside peak at what tour life is really like while learning about the gear they use, how to prepare for gigs, and how they make the most of down time on the road. Watch it now!



Special Features

derek williams - wampler pod castSpecial Feature Pod Cast | Chasing Tone

The Wampler Pedals Team interviews Jake Owen Guitarist and TMG CEO/Co-Founder, Derek Williams, to get the low-down on everything from tour life to tone. Watch Full Video…




Brian Wampler

Special Feature Interview | Brian Wampler, Owner and CEO of Wampler Pedals 

In this Special Feature, That’s My Gig hung out with Brian Wampler of Wampler Pedals to discuss how he started his pedal company, how being a guitarist first and foremost influences his effects designs, and his advice to people interested in a career in the music business. Plus, he shreds for us! Watch Full Video…



Career Insight and Advice From the Pros

Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan“Real Country…Bro” | Music City’s Saturation of ‘Bro Country’ & Why Hating on it is a Bad Thing

Country music is larger, more lucrative, and to some, more laughable than it ever has been. The Nashville music industry is celebrating massive sales for singles and records. Meanwhile, country music purists are singing a sadder tune, calling the new movement, “Bro Country”. Although people critical of the industry believe that “Bro Country” has somehow taken country music in the wrong direction, as a musician, turning down a “Bro Country” gig may prove to be a career-killer, and there are many reasons why. Read More…


Andreao Fanatic HeardArtist Interview | Grammy Award-Winning Producer, Andreao ‘Fanatic’ Heard is “The Prepared Opportunist”

Andreao ‘Fanatic’ Heard has talent, persistence, and versatility, which has lead him to become a Grammy Award-Winning producer. His production resume includes current artists like Ariana Grande and Willow Smith, and he has worked with a legendary roster of artists like Michael Jackson, Notorious B.I.G, Beyonce, and Will Smith. Read how he made it, and find words of wisdom so you can be prepared when opportunity comes knockin’. Read More…



Nick Perri Artist Interview | Nick Perri’s Path to Passion & His Prescription for Budding Musicians

Nick Perri is one of LA’s finest when it comes to music. He is an experienced and accomplished guitarist, songwriter, producer-engineer, and business owner. Since the early 2000′s, he has lived his life on tour, all over the world: playing in over 40 countries. Nick has toured with some of the world’s biggest acts including; Aerosmith, Van Halen, Kid Rock, Mötley Crüe, Velvet Revolver, The Foo Fighters, and MUSE. That’s My Gig caught up with Nick to find out what it really takes to make it, and build a ubiquitous career in the music business. Read More…


Trey BruceSpotlight Interview | Hit Songwriter, Trey Bruce: ‘It’s All About the Song’

Trey Bruce’s songs have been recorded and performed by Carrie Underwood, Reba McEntire, Faith Hill, Trisha Yearwood, LeAnn Rimes, ZZ Top, Lyndyrd Skynyrd, and more. He has had placements on television programs like: The Biggest Loser, American Idol, The X Factor and Pretty Little Liars. That’s My Gig recently caught up with Trey to find out what’s really happening in the world of publishing and songwriting, as the music business continues to transform. Read More…



Florida Georgia Line‘Nailing the Audition’ | Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Bonds & Tyler Chiarelli Explain How

That’s My Gig sat down with FGL band leader Brian Bonds, to ask him about the recent audition process, as well as the guitarist that slayed that audition and got the gig: Tyler Chiarelli! We asked each of them the same questions about the hiring process, and both of them answered from their respective standpoints: Brian, as the band leader with a strong “say” in the hiring process, and Tyler as the auditioning musician. Read More…



Ashley PurdyArtist Interview | Ashley Purdy of the Black Veil Brides: ‘Behind the Veil’

Black Veil Brides have had No. 1 hits on iTunes’ Top Album Chart and the iTunes Rock Chart. They’ve also recently embarked on multi-continental tours and had song placements in major films. That’s My Gig was thrilled to catch up with BVB’s bass player and backup vocalist, Ashley Purdy, to find out how the band has made its way through the maze of a very calculated music industry, and how Ashley went from small town Missouri to being a part of the biggest thing in rock since Mötley Crüe. Read More…


Shannon BexArtist Interview | Shannon Bex of Danity Kane: ‘Reality in the Music Biz’

Since leaving her rural home state of Oregon, Shannon Bex has won the hearts of millions as a stand out performer in the platinum-selling group, “Danity Kane”. Though the group had international recognition and broke Billboard records in their 4 years together, Sean Combs disbanded the group in 2009. Well guess what? They’re back! And That’s My Gig is so honored to have one of the first exclusive interviews with the DK sweetheart, Shannon Bex. Read More…


Rich Redmond Artist Interview | ‘No Overnight Success’, with Jason Aldean drummer Rich Redmond (part 1)

Rich Redmond, touring and session drummer for Jason Aldean, is one of the most in-demand drummers in the music industry. His credits include; Bryan Adams, Kelly Clarkson, Jewel, Ludacris, Barbara Mandrell, and more. TMG was honored to be able to catch up with Rich in between his busy touring and teaching schedule, to find out how he has achieved such diverse success as a musician. Read More...



Road Life Video Series – Survival Tips

That’s My Gig brings you Road Life 101. Ever wonder what life is really like for a major label musician out on the road? Check out our Survival Tips page to find inside information and road life survival tips from the pros.

Derek Williams#10 “How to Survive a Fly Date “

Derek Williams, guitarist for Jake Owen, gives his step by step approach to preparing for your next fly date gig. Watch Video…




Bill Vandiver#9 “Bill Vandiver, DIY Hair and Makeup for Television ” 

Bill Vandiver, award show stylist (CMAs, ACAs, ACMs, AMAs, and Grammys) shares his advice on how to look your best on camera. Watch Video…



Jon Hull #8 “A Day in the Life of Jason Aldean Tour’s Drum Tech”

Jon Hull, drum tech for Rich Redmond (of Jason Aldean’s band), talks about how he prepares for a show day on a major tour. Watch Video…




Rich Redmond#7 “Be a Good Boy Scout” 

Rich Redmond, of Jason Aldean’s band, shares his Survival Tips on the Road: Be a Good Boy Scout: How to come to each gig fully prepared. Watch Video…



Love and Theft#6 “Love and Theft Pre Show Ritual” 

Stephen Barker Liles, of Love and Theft, gets real before a show. Flat ironing hair, stretching on the tour bus, and more! Watch Video…




Tour Bus Bunk#5 “Noise Reduction Mod for Your Tour Bus” 

Chris Torri, Production Manager, shares his Survival Tip with ThatsMyGig.com. Chris demonstrates how to damper the sound of the air compressor on the automatic doors on the tour bus using MacGuyver-like tactics with case foam and electrical tape. Watch Video…