4 Common Mistakes You Do When You Are Buying Your First Guitar!

4 Common Mistakes You Do When You Are Buying Your First Guitar!

As a fresher just out of the music school or after learning to play guitar on your friend’s or father’s guitar, you are finally ready to invest in your own musical instrument! This is really a fantastic decision, as you would be having your own, personal guitar — and you can practise and play it any time you want. What’s more, you can even personalise it with your name embedded on it or customise with your picture behind it! It’s going to be your first guitar and you want to make sure it’s the best one for you!

But, in your haste and excitement to buy your own piece, you often tend to overlook the need of inquiring about the same properly. Or in some cases, due to being over excited, you often tend to ask so many people about it that each of them gives you a different version of their guidance and recommendations — so when you finally enter the guitar shop, you actually hear all of those voices ringing in your ears, and buy a mismatched instrument instead. And a mistake in buying a guitar will impact your performance for years. (Since it’s not everyday you spend a huge sum in buying a guitar.)

Some peculiar mistakes you are bound to make when you go to buy your first guitar!

The first thing to remember when buying a guitar is that you would need more than just a guitar to play, so its essential to find a bundle that’s sold with the guitar along with some important accessories. This is going to be a huge help for a beginner, and would also cost you less. But sometimes, this and even other factors are either misinterpreted or avoided — and you end up buying a not-so-suitable piece as your guitar. To avoid such a mistake, read the following points and ensure you aren’t the one repeating them by any chance.

  1. Choosing the wrong type of guitar for your sound — As a first time buyer, you can either go for a classical guitar, an acoustic guitar, or an electric guitar. These 3 types of guitars are totally different from one another. Many users say that learning on an acoustic guitar is better, but what if you love playing lots of alternative or classic rock, then you’ll need an electric guitar. While classical guitars consist of nylon strings, which are mostly preferred for children, as the wide distance between the strings means mild pressure on hands. So, make sure you aren’t just choosing any random type and getting it. Check it properly with your choice of sound and then finalise the same from Hill Sound selling beginner electric guitar and all other varieties you can think of in the best range of price and with quality assurance too.
  2. A guitar with more than required features —As a beginner, you would want a guitar just to learn the basics of music. This specifies that you require a guitar that just owns the basic features. While some guitars have a whammy bar, even built-in tuners, and also knobs required to change the effects of the music while you are playing. But actually these features aren’t at all essential in your first guitar. In fact, the more features a guitar is equipped with, the more issues you’ll be having smoothly playing it. So, better not make the mistake of investing almost double on such complex guitars and taxing yourself.
  3. Choosing a wrong sized guitar — The size and the weight of the guitar you are buying should be based on your weight and the average distance between your arm span. Even height is considered equally important here. If you are tall, a shorter guitar would feel and look mismatched with you and vice versa. That is why you should never buy a guitar before trying it out perfectly.
  4. Choosing a guitar based on its brand and price — A common misconception that’s portrayed across the mass media promoted by famous personalities is a great brand means that the product is going to be out of the world. The same misconception follows when the rates of a guitar are higher. Some people believe that the higher the price, the better the instrument. While in reality, you should be totally avoiding this mistake and choose a guitar which is the most suitable and sound mind blowing to you. The high price and the brand name don’t matter in your performance at all. 

Also, if you are buying a guitar depending totally on the salesman’s recommendation with no personal preference or choice, then this mistake would be blamed for your deteriorating performance. Always buy your guitar after reading the above points and then chose the one that seems the most appropriate to you.