4 Things Home Inspectors Don’t Want You to Know

4 Things Home Inspectors Don’t Want You to Know

It’s now time to choose your home inspector in Glynn. This is an important step in home buying and should not be taken lightly. It’s important to verify that potential inspectors are reliable, as we have discussed in this blog. It is important to ensure that the inspectors have current certifications. It is also a good idea to ask how long they have been in business. It is also possible to find the right inspector by looking at reviews online, not just those posted on their website.

Although you will get lots of information from the house inspector in their detailed report, there are still some things you do not want to hear. Let’s look at some statements that could make you question the home inspector you have hired (or are considering hiring).

“I’m new at this”

We don’t mean to be negative, but everyone must start somewhere. Even though we were certified and had undergone training, we were still young and inexperienced. We look back and see that experience is what makes a home inspector a great person.

You’re spending a lot on your house. It’s not the same as believing what a mattress salesman says. The mattress is “only” $800, and you can always buy a new one down the road. You’re paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for a house and don’t want any problems or delays.

Total House Inspection has been conducting home inspections in Rochester Hills and Troy for over a decade. We know what to look out for when inspecting homes. Because we have inspected hundreds of homes, we can spot things that inexperienced inspectors may miss.

“Yeah, but I can’t do it then”

It can take several weeks to find the right home for you. Most people don’t have a set deadline. The process can take a long time, and you want it done quickly. However, considering how important it is, you shouldn’t rush the process.

Things move fast once they get moving! You’re already making an offer, the owner counteroffers, and you accept. The loan is approved, and you are signing the paperwork. You will need a property inspection to complete all of this. We can take care of your home inspections seven days a semaine. We want to make sure you are the hub of all this activity.

“I Don’t Do That!”

Many people are shocked at what home inspections do and don’t do. Some tasks are not included in a home inspector’s report, like asbestos or lead paint testing. While inspecting the foundation, a specialist will be needed to check the ground beneath the house. These are not the types of inspections that a home inspector will perform.

Talking about the extras inspectors can offer to save time. You might require a sewer inspection. Although it may be more expensive due to the extra effort required, having the inspection done simultaneously with a home inspection will save you from having to hire another person to inspect your house. It’s a good idea to have your home inspector do radon and mold testing.

“Your House is Perfect”

It might be what you secretly desire, but it isn’t something that you really want to hear.

What number of houses can you find that are perfect? Zero. That’s how many. Every house has something wrong, no matter how old it is — whether it’s a few days ago or hundreds of years later. It could be due to age or problems with the builder. No house is perfect.

A property inspector may say your house or the house you are interested in buying is perfect. This means they haven’t done enough inspection. You might ask them questions or get another opinion in such cases.