4 Tips for New Scrap Metal Collectors

4 Tips for New Scrap Metal Collectors

There are many ways to make money. Even other people’s trash can make you money. Because scrap metal is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than traditional metal products, it is in high demand. It can be overwhelming to get started in scrap metal collection. These four tips will help you get started with scrap metal collection.

1. For metal, look everywhere

Start by looking around your house for scrap metal. There may be furniture and electronics that you no longer need. You can get rid of any metal parts that contain them before you toss the rest. You may also be able to sell junk cars that you no longer need.

But don’t limit yourself to your home. People often view scrap metal as trash, and may be willing to take it away for free or at a low price. You may be able charge people for their scrap metal.

Machine shops, junkyards and garage sales are all great places to get scrap metal. Local businesses may have scrap metal for sale.

2. Sort your Metal

Scrap metal is usually weighed before you receive money. Different metals have different value. Recycling centers often pay more for nonmagnetic metals such as copper and brass than they do for magnetic metals, like steel. You could lose your money if you don’t sort your metal.

What if your load contains mostly steel but some copper in the scrap? You will lose less money if you don’t separate the copper. Although it takes longer to separate the metal, it can lead to higher profits.

3. Clean the Metal

It may also be more profitable to clean the metal before you start. Start by removing all non-metal components. Extra parts can add weight to scrap metal recycling centers. They may refuse to take them or pay you significantly less if they don’t.

To remove dirt and grime from the metal, wash it with water. However, depending on the purpose of the metal, you might need to use a detergent to clean grease. Next, inspect the metal for rust. You can remove small amounts of rust with baking soda and steel wool brushes. You may need to soak the metal with vinegar before you scrub it.

4. Keep your metal safe

It takes time to build up metal, especially if you separate it. A huge stack of steel may be left with only a few copper or brass pieces. You might be tempted to grab as much scrap metal as you can, but this is not the best option. Instead, hoard your scrap metal until you have enough to take.

You can expect a large payout but it also means that you won’t have to waste time and gas by going to the recycling center every other day. You should cover your scrap metal with a tarp, or another similar material when you store it. Scrap metal can be complained about by neighbors. Thieves might also be attracted to it.