4 Work Holiday Party Ideas That Everybody Will Remember for Years

4 Work Holiday Party Ideas That Everybody Will Remember for Years

If the weather outside is frosty, it must mean that holidays are approaching. This is the most wonderful time of the year, so don’t miss an opportunity to bring some cheer to your workplace.

Planning out a holiday lets people wind down and reflect at the end of the year, while also getting ready to enjoy this time with their families. Throwing a holiday party builds your office camaraderie and will make it a good time for everybody.

If you’re stumped and want to wow everyone with this year’s party, consider these work holiday party ideas.

  1. Have a Casino Night

If one thing is true about adults, it’s that we like to let our hair down and blow off some steam. Nothing says fun adulting like throwing a casino night.

Hire a casino company to deal the cards and pass out the chips so that everyone can try their luck at poker, blackjack, slots, and any other games of chance. It gives everyone a chance to put on their best outfits and also try to win a little bit of money.

This is also a great way to pay it forward this holiday season because plenty of people plan casino nights as a way to give back. Take a vote around the company so that the proceeds of the casino night can go toward the charity of everyone’s choice.

Staff an open bar and set up cocktail tables so that it really feels like a casino night.

  1. Make It a Beach Party

Who says you have to stick to a winter theme?

The holidays can be anything you want them to be, which is why a beach party shouldn’t be off-limits. If you live somewhere cold, giving everyone a taste of the beach could be a welcome break.

Rent out a facility that lets you set up sandboxes, serve beach drinks, and get in the pool. Bringing summer to the Christmas season shows creativity and guarantees that it’ll be well-attended.

  1. Go to an Escape Room

Escape rooms double as a fun adventure and a bonding experience. Have everyone dress up appropriately for the escape room theme, and then put your heads together to find your way out.

You can even break off into multiple teams to compete over who gets the best time. There are several escape room scenarios that can play out, so choose one that is fun and challenging.

  1. Create a Theme From Another Decade

You’re never too old to play dress up. Pick a theme and lean into it heavy with your holiday party.

If you’re going with the ’80s, everyone can geek out over their best Run DMC renditions or hairband impersonations. You can even take it back to the roaring ’20s and set up a speakeasy that lets everyone listen to jazz and enjoy a nice Old Fashioned.

Send out the invites in advance so that all your attendees have a chance to pick the perfect outfit.

Try Out Some Work Holiday Party Ideas

You have plenty of work holiday party ideas to choose from, but these give you an excellent start. Perhaps you can put it to a vote so that everyone is happy with this year’s theme.

Be sure to add some style to it, and use our site when you’re in need of some sweet ideas.