5 Boat Props Accesories to Gift This Holiday Season

5 Boat Props Accesories to Gift This Holiday Season

Boat lovers know how exhilarating a well-accessorized craft can be. It is a great way to turn an otherwise boring holiday season into a memorable time for the watercraft owner in your life. If you are still looking for that perfect gift this holiday season, you’ve come to the best place.
We have a roundup of the top 5 accessories to gift to your boat loving friends or relatives.

Aqua-Vu Micro Stealth 4.3 Camera

This camera will be a great way to find out what is under your boat without having to dive under. The in-water camera uses an infrared sensor and illuminators to identify anything dropped overboard, and reveals fish without forcing you to get unnecessarily wet. All the information is relayed via a compact 4.3” LCD display.
The camera sits on a 50-foot long cable with 1-foot marks so you can identify depth easily. It will run on a single charge for up to 6 hours.

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Wow Watersports Cooler-Speaker Bundle

Good gifts don’t have to be costly or tech-savvy. They can be something as simple as this floating cooler and music bundle. The WOW Watersports Cooler Speaker bundle gives you a place for your favorite drinks while dishing out tunes for everybody to enjoy.

This fun little island can float away on its own, or use its attached anchor to form a radius of fun and refreshment next to your boat.
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McGard Marine Propeller Lock Set

There’s nothing as disappointing as turning on your boat’s motor and getting no response. One all-too common cause is propeller theft. This could happen when leaving your boat unattended in unsecured, high-traffic places.

You can gift this propeller lock set to someone who has been a theft victim before or a friend who will be happy to safeguard their high-end propeller. The lock has a free spinning collar than twists without opening the propeller.

It’s made of naval grade brass and reinforced stainless steel for extra strength.
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Turning Point’s MasterGuard Boat Propeller Hub System

This high-end propeller hub system is designed to withstand constant use without the risk of failure or spinning when under strain. The hub uses a patented single piece design with a glass filled nylon interior that nullifies the fail points that are common in multiple part sleeve and spline systems or pressed in rubber hubs.
It will be a great gift for those with high-powered boats or who use their boats often.
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OJ 849 Wake Pro Propeller

No boat is complete without a well designed propeller. This OJ WakePro uses 4 blades to deliver enhanced pitch distribution. The blade shape and design guarantees you of better low and top end power meaning that it will give any boat it is installed on better towing power and higher top speeds.

It has a diameter of 15 inches, a pitch of 15 degrees, and uses a Mastercraft splined shaft for maximum performance.
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Purchase Your Holiday Gifts From a Trusted Boating Vendor

If you are still looking for more accessories to turn into gifts this holiday season, Delta Propeller is the best place to begin your shopping journey. This specialized online store sells everything a boater needs at affordable prices. Browse through their catalog today to find the perfect present for the avid boater in your life!

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