5 things she wants to hear from you

5 things she wants to hear from you

Men think that forming an impression is about grooming, and appearing top-notch to the girl he is dating. Well, not really. If you want to charm her, you need to make her feel special about herself. Forget about yourself for now, and start thinking about all those special things that will make her day. Think of all the lovely things you can say to her, and make her feel good with loving compliments.  At some point in your journey through dating, you must know that, you need to make an emotional connection with her, right?

Always be true with your feelings, and what you say to her should be meaningful for you too. Men are less expressive when it comes to the use of words. And if you find yourself struggling to meet that special someone to whisper sweet nothings to, create a profile with a professional Sydney based matchmaker like Mirabela Executive Dating. They will help groom you with the aid of personalised special consultants, who introduce you to compatible women who are seeking the same enriching experience in love as you are.

Five sweet things to say to your girl

There are a thousand little things that can build a happy relationship. Praising her – meaningfully -ranks high on that list. Flatter her with romantic sweet nothings, and compliments that make her feel special and secure. Ladies value these sweet compliments over any expensive gift that you can buy for them. These compliments will come handy, if you are one of those men seeking women in Sydney, there are a lot of beautiful and serene parks you can choose for a lovely date. A picnic date is the perfect outing where you can spend some romantic time with your girl. And, here are some of the lovely things that you can, earnestly, say to her:

  • “I love you”: No prizes for guessing that one correctly! She can never tire of hearing that over and over again. Say it with flowers, say it with cake, say it with gifts or say it with a smile – it will melt her heart, anytime, anywhere. You can say it once or a million times, it will hold the same effect for her. Women never tire of hearing these beautiful three words, even if you may have mentioned it in several ways. The first time you say it will always remain the most memorable moment of her life. Don’t shy away from expressing it from time to time.
  •  “I miss you”: She loves knowing that you long for her, and you miss her when you aren’t together. Let her know that you want to spend more time with her, and that you don’t feel the same without her. It makes her feel she is an important part of your life.
  • “You look great”: All women love hearing this, even if they do not ask you, saying it will help her feel accepted. It improves her self confidence, sheds her inhibitions and makes her feel loved. As much as she loves you to tell her this, she also wants to know why! So be ready with your answers. The less complicated, the better. Keep it simple and real to make it effective.
  • “You cook amazing food”: Always compliment on her efforts in the kitchen. It is not an easy job to slave away fixing two or three meals in a day. Learning to appreciate her work would make her feel happy. Never compare her culinary skills with your mother, your sister, your aunt, your grandaunt – you get the drift?
  • “You are more beautiful in person”: Be careful with the way you frame this sentence. Do not tell her that she is not photogenic. You are letting her know that she’s more beautiful in person. Say it, as it is, and hope that you come across as the charming gentleman that you are.

So, now that you are well equipped with these lovely compliments, go ahead and use it liberally. Make that emotional connection with your woman. It is so important, especially when you want to tell these lovely things to her, without embarrassing yourself. Being real and personal will make sure you flatter her, effortlessly. Are you, now, ready to master your conversations with her, and sweep her off her feet?