5 Tips for Creating Awesome Gaming Room Setups

5 Tips for Creating Awesome Gaming Room Setups

Do you want to become a professional gamer? Do you want to earn as a Twitch streamer?

Yes, a beefy PC or a gaming console should be your priorities but you shouldn’t ignore your room either. The best gaming room setups can make or break your career, after all. Poor lighting or a forgettable background can discourage people from checking out your gaming content. 

Fortunately, we’ve got five tips right here to get you started on the right foot. Check out how to build the best gaming setup with our guide below, starting with your gaming station.

  1. Start With Your Desk or Console Table

Start your gaming room by picking the right desk or console table, depending on whether you’ll focus on PC or console gaming. 

For PC gaming, you’ll want a long table. It should be able to place your CPU, a multi-screen monitor, and some space for accessories like a Bluetooth controller, speakers, LED lights, and decor. 

If you focus on console gaming, you’ll want space for your TV, unless you mount it on the wall. From there, get space for your gaming consoles, games, controllers, and a way to hide or organize your wires. You’ll want extra space for speakers and your recording/streaming gear.

Don’t forget to save space for your decor and lighting. We’ll cover both of these in-depth below. 

  1. Get a Gaming Chair

Great, you’ve fixed up where you play your games and where everything goes. The next step is to work on where you’ll sit. You’ll want to invest in the best expensive gaming chair.

Yes, the best gaming setup requires a good chair. It’s not simply to look like a professional gamer or streamer. 

For one thing, a good gaming chair provides you better posture. Look for a chair with an ergonomic design and lumbar support. Check if you can adjust it too and ensure that it works for your height and weight.

Another benefit is the level of comfort. You’ll sit on that chair for hours, especially if you plan to stream on Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube. If you can, get a gaming chair with useful accessories like built-in speakers, remote control for your PC, a cup holder, and footrests. 

Of course, you might not want to sit on a gaming chair all day. For a good break, invest in a bean bag so you can sit down away from your gaming setup and relax.

  1. Lighting and Fixtures

Your lighting can make or break your gaming experience. 

Start first by getting blackout curtains. Try to cut out all of the outside natural light. This eliminates glare on your screen or your face while you’re gaming.

Finished blocking out all the natural light? You know you’re done when it’s completely black inside the room the moment you shut the door and turn off the lights.

Now that you’ve gained control over the lighting, start adding artificial lights. You’ll want to start by adding LED lights behind your monitor. Don’t add lights, especially a big lamp, in front of your gaming station because then you’ll gain annoying glare. 

This doesn’t mean you can’t add brighter lights. Get fixtures to light up areas of the other areas of your gaming room. The purpose is to gain full control of your lighting to ensure there’s no glare but enough lighting in case you plan to stream online. 

  1. Look at Professional Gaming Room Setups

Do you have a favorite streamer? Do you love the setup of famous players like Ninja or PewDiewPie?

Take some time to look at their setup. Learn how to have a gaming setup by following the pioneers in the industry. Study how they lit their gaming rooms and the gear they use.

You’ll want to keep note of their cinematography, the microphones they use, and how they light their gaming station. Check which tools and apps they use too. Some go as far as buying a sound-effect board, like the one offered by Elgato.

PewDiePie, for a long while, promoted a specific gaming chair brand. Other streamers started promoting headsets, earphones, and other kinds of gaming gear. Check which works and which ones fit your budget. 

You may even discover the best gaming accessories by watching their videos. Channels like Spawn Wave highlight third-party controllers, video cards, and other gaming items you might have never heard of. It’s okay to use accessories and gear other people use — if it works, it works!

  1. Accessories and Decor

Have fun decorating your gaming room. 

Get a few collectibles like a figure of your favorite video game character. Collect and display some Amiibo. If you own limited editions of a few video games, display those on hanging shelves or your gaming desk. 

You can run wild with this. Don’t limit yourself to video games either. For example, you can hang movie posters, props from shows like Game of Thrones or Firefly, and a complete collection of books like the Harry Potter titles or Dungeons and Dragons

Let your gaming room decor and accessories tell people a bit about you. Your decor can say a lot about your personality, wants, and likes. Let these shine instead of shoving them in the closet.

Setup Your Gaming Room Now

Now you know how to create a gaming room setup that you and others will love. The best gaming room setups aren’t only beautiful but comfortable and functional too. Simply follow these five tips to get the setup that works for you.

Learn from the experts, have fun with the decor, get the right chair, and build a good station. Work a lot on the lighting and fixtures and get the right accessories to accent the expensive PC or consoles you play on.

But why stop with your gaming room setup? 

If you want to learn even more tips, like how to beef up your gaming PC or how to set up a streaming channel, don’t hesitate to read more of our guides. We provide all the tips and tricks you might need.