6 lighting ideas to consider when renovating your house

6 lighting ideas to consider when renovating your house

Planning to renovate your home? Don’t forget to revisit the lighting fixtures. You might feel lights as design cliché, but it can truly change the entire ambiance and look of your home.

Furthermore, the new advanced technologies ensure the maximum security of your house.

A house is built with a lot of effort, investment, and care, and it reflects you and your family. So why not invest a few extra bucks and utilize the renovation time to make your home a smart tech one? And if the cost is not your hindrance, then go for designer lights, including hand wiring, conceal all the unwanted features and enchant your guests with your profound sense of aesthetics.

These simple lighting options will make a big difference to your house, which you hold so dearly to your heart, and it also helps in increasing the valuation.

Six Lighting Ideas Renovating Your House

Pendant lights

Pendant lights Sydney are great options for your living space area. But, before you hang them, consider the height of your ceiling – the lights should neither be dangling low to cause a hindrance or too high to not lit-up space. 

You can also get lights with adjustable cables, so if you are not sure of the height, it’s best to opt for these and have a stress free décor.

Table and cooking space

You surely will have lights mounted on the walls of your kitchen and dining area, but a few extra lights just above the table and the cooking area cannot just change the look of the space but also enhance the beauty of the area.

For table tops, you can buy small, low hanging lights. But, for the cooking-top, it is better to opt for larger lights, which are much higher.

Use lights which sync in with your furniture colour and this will give a more inclusive feel.

Motion sensors

Automating the lighting system of the entire house with motion sensors is a great way to make sure that it is protected even when you are not there. Some smart light also comes with alarms and responsive lighting system. Thus, when any unwelcomed guest enters it, you are notified, and also it lights up the prominent lights to draw the attention of your neighbours. These lights also come in different designs and patterns, and thus they perfectly fit into any decoration and any size of the home.

They also help you to save energy and on your electricity bill. Thus, a few extra bucks during the initial renovation can bless you with long term benefits.

Plan it out

Do not keep the electricity fixtures pending till the last moments. The best way to renovate your house is to plan out everything before the actual work starts. Know where you want to place your dining table, or your study table, have a clear idea of how you would want your bedroom to look, and the curtains you want to use. 

It might seem to be like a lot of work, but it is undoubtedly going to make things easier for you in due course of time and also make your house more beautiful. 

While you can change your table lamps Sydney at point of time, imagine having to turn the lights embedded on your ceiling – it’s not just time-consuming, but also involves extra cost.

Outdoor lights

Though the outdoor lights like your driveways, the address number, the mailbox can be done at any point of time, without impacting your interiors, doing it in the initial stage is an ideal way to make your house look attractive. The exterior light is the aspect which catches the attention of your neighbours even before they enter your home. 

Moreover, for embedded and gravelled lights, doing it during the renovation is the best decision. 

Space it out

Each room in a house is built with a specific purpose – while you might have designated place for partying with your friends, you might have another room where you would like to spend some me-time reading a book.

Just as you space out the rooms in your house, space out the lighting too!