8 Amazing E-liquid Recipes That You Will Fall In Love With

8 Amazing E-liquid Recipes That You Will Fall In Love With

There are a lot of advancements and innovations that have come up in the world of e-liquids. Some people prefer sticking to the traditional way of buying these from merchants and vendors. On the other hand, those who like to experiment also design their recipes. One can combine the ingredients to come up with amazing e-liquid recipes with the vaporizer. 

How to Make DIY E-Juice

A DIY e-liquid is a variation of the famous e-liquids that you find out there. The only difference is that you can make it yourself and it will be way cheaper. An e-liquid will typically have elements like PG, VG, flavoring as well as nicotine. However, you don’t have to necessarily put all the elements. Since you are making the e-juice it is up to you to use nicotine or not. You can either put it for a hard-hitting experience or avoid it when you simply wish to enjoy the flavors. Use trusted products alone such as liqua liquid.

  • Castle Long Clone: Do you simply love the castle long e-liquid? You can make your own at less expense. It has a great aroma along with a smell of roasted almond. You can add a variation by simply putting the substitutes of fruit flavors to reach the needed taste. 
  • Suicide Bunny Clone: The epic bunny clone has always fascinated us. The hints of vanilla custard, sweet cream, cake batter, and Bavarian cream are simply incredible. This recipe takes you longer than usual to craft to reach perfection. 
  • VCT: Are you a fond of tobacco based vaping that hits your throat and provides that unique taste? Then VCT might just be the recipe for you. It is a fruit blend that is very satisfying. Containing black honey and custard combination you can relish the sweet essence. At the same time, you will also get a nice tobacco hint. 
  • Vanilla Tobacco: Looking for a smooth taste? Go for vanilla tobacco as it is very flavorful and has a good vapor production also. a creamy and mild honey tobacco flavor would soothe you. It is up to you how much nicotine you wish to include to achieve the desired taste. 
  • Dr. P Pepper: We all love this e-liquid, don’t we? It has the perfect sweet essence and cola along with different berries makes an interesting aftertaste altogether. You can mix plum, black cherry, cinnamon spice, and cola as per your wish. 
  • All-Day Earl: Looking for a creamy tasting juice? You can customize the entire balance of this recipe as it is cream-based. Add earl grey, whipped cream, honey, chai tea, Bavarian cream and the like as per your wish. The result is an amazing blend of rich creamy e-liquid that you are bound to cherish. 
  • Candy Bar: Do you have the so-called sweet tooth? Then this is a perfectly sweet recipe which will win your heart. It hosts an array of flavors that we usually find in the popular chocolate bars. The diverse juice is an amalgam of peanut butter, caramel, double chocolate, marshmallow as well as sweetener. 
  •  Blue Dragon: Are you fond of hard throat hits? Then this recipe is ideal for you. The fruit balance is amazingly strong to give you just the right hit. Add in the flavors of blueberry, raspberry and dragon fruit to get the desired taste. 

Try these awesome recipes the next time you are craving an e-juice. What flavors you choose can be categorized. For instance, you can opt for a sweet taste if you are fond of sweet flavor. In case you like the essence of tobacco then you can make the e-juice extra strong. Similarly, if you are into cream-based e-juices then there are indeed various options to explore. Know the proportions well and mix them exactly as how it is explained. Moreover, you should always experiment with the recipes in a safe environment. Go ahead and try these amazing flavorful recipes and you might even end up discovering new ones.