All You Need to Know About the Various Types of Rug Cleaning Methods

All You Need to Know About the Various Types of Rug Cleaning Methods

Hiring a professional rug cleaner is the best thing to do as it saves a lot of effort and time. However, if you want to seek the best cleaning services, you ought to know which cleaning methods they apply. Of course, one can find different methods for various kinds of carpets. So, when you know these, you can determine which cleaner needs to be hired for effective clean-ups.

  • Steam Cleaning Method

There is a need to know about this method because many rug cleaners deceive us by using hot/warm extraction methods. Yes, steam cleaning is definitely much expensive than the normal hot/warm extraction technique. Only a reliable and trusted professional will inform you in detail about the rug cleaning method to be used. The handmade rug cleaner will explain why your rug needs steam cleaning and not the other methods. Steam cleaning has a 100 percent total clean-up effect on the toughest and hidden stains.

  • Dry Powder Cleaning Method

If your rugs need regular maintenance, then this cleaning method applied by the professionals is perfect. Rug cleaning specialists offer weekly and monthly cleaning regimes for your valuable carpets. In dry powder method, a natural and gentle cleaning solution is used along with a sufficient amount of water and solvents. Subsequently, the rug is vacuumed gently to remove the accumulated dirt.
Please note that this is not a deep-cleaning method as it does not enter the gaps and corners of the rug. If you find your rugs extremely dirty and the professional uses this method, then red-flag the cleaner immediately. You might need another competent professional then. Alternatively, if you need a maintenance regime for your rugs, then opt for the dry powder method straightaway.

  • Encapsulation Cleaning Method

This method is a perfect combination of vacuuming and the usage of encapsulating chemicals. Another technique used for rug maintenance, professionals use it only for commercial purposes and only when the rugs are not in an appalling state.
In this method, experts vacuum the carpets and rugs thoroughly and apply an encapsulating material later. This approach isolates the dirt from the rug as soon as it is put in the agitation machine. This technique can be compared to the dry powder one and is effective for quick and best results. However, the encapsulation method is repeated daily for a week to seek perfect outcomes.
It is helpful for a house or business owner to know about the common rug cleaning methods as it leads to a confident hiring decision. However, if you find a pro not using the right technique, then you have to terminate its services immediately and find another expert.