Amazing Ideas for a Perfect Bachelorette

Amazing Ideas for a Perfect Bachelorette

So what are the two things you should be excited about your best friend’s marriage — 1) She has finally found the perfect partner and it will be her happily ever after; 2) The Bachelorette Party, of course, the other things count too, however, for now we’ll talk all about what you would be doing together with your best friend, to shift the focus from incessant chatter over the perfect venue or the right kind of decoration.

Now, talking about the bachelorette—ever thought how bad it can go if not planned properly? Well, we are here for the nerd gang maybe, who is not looking out for something too rookie (or overly adultish) for a bachelorette. And if we read you right, here in a list are perfectly killer ideas to make your best friend’s bachelorette a memorable one —

1. A Perfect Spa Day

Who said you could hit it off for the bachelorette only in the night? How about beginning it with an amazing Spa day, because what is better than lazing around a bit and just be?

Bachelorette is also about bonding with the girls over your mutual love for the bride and good wishes for her new life—Spa become your rescue place and a perfect escape from all the daily exhaustion and the ticking clock. Moreover, Spa is sure to give not just the to be bride but her entire brigade a renewed sense of their bodies and much needed relaxation.

2. A Unique Slumber Party

Confused? Well, all that we are trying to tell you is do something that you have not done before—you can drink as much wine (or anything you want, no mixing, though), vape your heart out, order food online, prank call random men, play dress-up games and what not! In case you are wondering why vape and not smoke something real, well, ladies, we really care about your health and we’d rather you smoke an e-cig, rather get yourself drowned with tobacco or other trippy stuff. You need to be in the moment and enjoy. In case you are looking for a perfect place to buy your aspire k2 quick start kit, purchase it online. Because why not try something new? *winks*

3. An Interactive Cooking Class

A bachelorette is not just about boozing and getting high, it is mostly about bonding over little things with you girl brigade and make each other feel special, especially the bride—trust us, nothing will make your girl happier than her perfect bridesmaids getting all perfectly. The best thing ever, like ever is food—just get the entire team enrolled in one. The best part is you can also get the chef come over for the session. So, yes to cooking great food perfectly topped with some wine. Cheers!

4. Go Musical

Do yourself a favour and never miss out on an opportunity to go Karaoke with your girl gang or you could just find yourself a ticket to the next best piano session followed with lip-smacking food. The idea is to pamper the to be bride senseless and have some memorable time together.

Well, here’s to planning a perfect Bachelorette party—go crazy and have as much fun you can!