Automated sliding gates: The secret to smooth and secure entry to your home

Automated sliding gates: The secret to smooth and secure entry to your home

Security is mandatory! Whether you live in a gated community, or it’s your privately owned villa, you can never stay in a place that doesn’t have a gate for security and safety. But that’s not all we think of when we are installing a gate in our property. You obviously consider even the aesthetics and durability when you are choosing a gate for your property. And there’s nothing wrong in it, today there are numerous options of gates available that are sturdy enough to provide you maximum security, yet enchanting enough to boost your curb appeal.

Amongst the dizzying options available when shopping for gates today, the sliding ones are particularly attracting more attention. Especially the automated version of the same. People are keen to design their residential gates in Perth via Top Deck Carpentry who are genius in designing any kind of gate for your property and customising it the way you want, that too in an excellent quality and at a reasonable price.

Why are sliding gates the best option for your property?

When you are thinking of adding an extraordinarily attractive and super strong gate for your home, sliding gate is the first thought that comes to your mind. And the automated version of it makes your life all the simpler. How? Read on!

  • They require less space — If you have space constraint, or you are thinking of utilising the extra space for anything else in your property, sliding gates are the best options. They don’t require large space to swing open and close, and hence spare you a lot of area for other things.
  • They are super convenient— With the automated sliding gates, you save the trouble of opening and closing the gate while entering or exiting the property. If you have no guards, you have to get out of the car to do the needful and this becomes quite a headache to carry out frequently. With the automated sliding gates, just push a button of the remote from your car and your gates are ready to make way for you.
  • Safe and secure — The automated sliding gates slides to closing immediately after you enter the property. Thus, there’s no chance of burglary. Also, as the gate is locked with an automated system, thieves can’t break the lock (as it often happens with the swinging ones).
  • Long lasting life — These sliding gates last longer than the swinging ones as these are less prone to wear and tear (as compared to the swinging ones). And if you design it with a durable, long lasting material like iron or steel, they are bound to last for decades in their intact condition.
  • Functional and wise choice— A sliding gate is quite functional, as it opens widely leaving ample space for the cars to enter the gates.
  • Aesthetic and advanced addition to your property — An automated sliding gate, if designed beautifully, adds a touch of beauty to your place. Also, with such an advanced gate option in your property, your home’s value also increases.

The automated sliding gates not only provide the complete security you desire, but also negates the ordeal of opening and shutting the gate as you enter or exit your home – all at a touch of a button! What more could you ask for!