Bathroom design: find out how to create a space you love

Bathroom design: find out how to create a space you love

For a complete bathroom remodel, you might expect to spend around PS 6,000. A budget makeover can cost as low as PS2,300. Prices will vary greatly between designer fittings and standard ranges depending on where you live.

Our article, How Much Does a New Bathroom Cost? provides a detailed breakdown of the costs and how to budget.


Planning is the key to designing a bathroom. Bathrooms are practical spaces that are used often. Bathrooms are used frequently by multiple people, such as families. En-suite bathrooms and wet rooms can be used daily by a single person or a couple. Bathrooms must handle the volume of users and deal with humidity and splashes without looking worn or slippery.

While it was once considered a functional space, we now consider a bathroom to also be a place to relax and unwind. It is possible to design a beautiful bathroom despite all these demands.

If you aren’t confident designing your bathroom layout on your own, an interior designer can help or you can visit a showroom that offers a design service. Many design and build companies offer a bathroom design to install a new bathroom as part of their contract.


Are you looking for ideas on how to design a bathroom layout. You will need to consider which features you should include in your bathroom and how they will be used together.

You can replace the old fittings with newer ones if they are in the same place and arranged them well. This will help you reduce the cost of your new space. For more budget-friendly ways to transform your space, visit our section on bathrooms.

If your layout isn’t working, or you need more storage or new features in your room, Next, you will need to create a floorplan. We’ll show you how to do this in the next section.


It is important to determine how much space you have when designing a bathroom. You can either have scale drawings made by an architect or bathroom designer, or create your own with graph paper.

This plan will show you where the essentials such as the toilet, basin, and bath/or shower can be found. Also note the location of any windows and doors.

With some planning, even a small bathroom can be transformed into a relaxing and functional space. Check out our detailed feature on small bathroom designs if you need more information.


Do you get unpleasant flashbacks back to school every time graph paper is mentioned? You should learn how to design your bathroom online.

Online planning tools are readily available from suppliers and manufacturers of bathroom products. You can even view your finished s in 3D.