Boredom Busters – 5 Fun Self-Improvement Projects For Those Long Days In Lockdown

Boredom Busters – 5 Fun Self-Improvement Projects For Those Long Days In Lockdown

When countries all over the world went into lockdown as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the internet quickly filled with “inspirational” messages about how we should use this as an opportunity to stop procrastinating and get productive with our personal projects. Though this is sound advice, for many people it was just another thing to be anxious about during an already difficult time. 

Instead of worrying that you’re “wasting valuable time” and not doing enough while cooped up at home, take a moment to relax. Go with the flow of how you’re feeling, then gently channel it into self-care projects like the ones listed below: 

  • Brighten your smile

Though you may not be able to visit a teeth whitening clinic, you can still brighten up your smile during lockdown. There are plenty of effective teeth whitening kits that can get you a few shades lighter from the comfort of your own home. Do some research to ensure you’re getting a good product. Check the reviews, then order online to have a brighter smile delivered to your door. 

  • Take up Yoga

Though you are allowed out every day to exercise, there’s no getting around the fact that during lockdown, it’s all too easy to end up sitting around more than you usually would. To free your body from the aches and pains a sedentary lifestyle produces while boosting your strength and flexibility, consider adding yoga to your daily routine. You can find thousands of videos on YouTube, or you may wish to try an app like Downdog that will create customized flows for you based on your preferences. 

  • Boost your Savings Account with a Fun Side-hustle

This tip will keep you occupied and teach you new skills while earning you a bit of extra cash. There are so many options to choose from. If you’re a creative type, you may wish to start selling your art or homemade goods online. Those just looking to bust boredom might prefer to take online surveys or complete freelance microjobs. There are many side-hustles out there, and with everyone stuck at home for lockdown, more opportunities are arising every day. 

  • Contact Long-lost Friends

Though it’s important to keep up contact with your existing friends during lockdown, you may also want to take the opportunity to get in touch with people who’ve dropped off your radar for one reason or another. This can be an amazing time for reminiscing over old memories, giggling over the crazy decisions you made when you were younger. You may even settling old arguments, make peace, or apologize for any wrongs you might’ve done, letting go of the past, and growing as a person. 

  • Learn Something Fun

Instead of doggedly forcing yourself to learn things you think you should know, why not take up something fun that you’ve always wanted to try out? Nowadays, there’s an app for everything, meaning you could be on your way to learning Spanish, popping and locking, growing your own herb garden, or anything else your heart desires before today is even through. The key is to put aside what other people expect of you, and even more importantly, the demands you place on yourself. Go for a skill or activity that you want to learn purely for the joy of the experience. 

By being gentle with yourself and focusing on fun self-improvement rather than dogmatic productivity, you will, funnily enough, be able to enjoy a more productive time during lockdown (“enjoy” being the operative word).