Choosing a Professional Bartender for Your Party? Check the Pointers for a Great Service!

Choosing a Professional Bartender for Your Party? Check the Pointers for a Great Service!

So, it’s your grand party and there’s going to be lavish food spread, drowning music and wines flowing spilling the brims! And now, you’ve decided to hire a professional bartender to serve your guests? Wow! The decision is excellent, and it’s going to be a super hit idea – only if, the mixologists you are hiring are the best ones!

But the million-dollar question is: how do you know if the bartending service you’re hiring is the best? After all, there are a lot of companies offering this service, and choosing an excellent one from this clutter can be really tough! But there’s also The Sydney Mixologists holding cocktail making classes in Sydney where you can brush up your own skills so that you can judge quality bartending. They also offer exceptional bartending services at all sorts of parties impressively. They’ve the most talented and experienced bartenders ready to rock any kinds of parties.

Here’s what you need to inquire about the bartending service for your perfect party!

When choosing a mixologist for your party, ensure you’re inquiring about the following things. Failing to do so, you would be just spending loads in hiring them and wouldn’t get what’s worth your money. Plus, the unsatisfied guests can make matters worse!

  • Experience — We aren’t stating that the bartender should have a decade full experience of serving liquor (though it would be excellent), but even a few years of good service at a reputed place can be great! It ensures that they know how to handle different types of guests and liquors at the bar counters (which is very crucial for a smooth sailing party)!
  • Business website — A bartending company without at least a presentable website can actually be a little dicey to choose! A good website lets you know their proper work, their previous experience with different clients, the testimonials, some images of their servings, and so much more. In short, it actually makes them a lot more reliable than the ones that don’t own a website.
  • Responsiveness — It’s essential that the servicemen respond to your inquiries soon to convey the message that they’ll answer your queries or complaints about their service later too.
  • Travel cost/ service — Inquire if the bartending team is ready to travel to your venue and if they’ll charge separately for the conveyance or would the charges quoted be all inclusive.
  • Insured — Bartending service should come with general liquor liability insurance. Never go for a company not offering the same!
  • Responsible training — Go for thr company that has a team of trusted bartenders especially trained to handle the bar counter, mix the drinks well and serve the guests with patience.
  • Bartering supply and portable bar — Inquire properly in advance if they are going to bring their portable bar with them; if not, you’ll have to organise the same for them. Also, ensure that your bartender brings along the essential supplies of ice bins, drinks, extra liquor bottles, garnish tray and supplies, bottle opener, etc.
  • Customised menu —If you wish to have your own customised cocktail menu, let the bartender know and they’ll manage everything from the ingredients to the presentation for you!

Apart from this, don’t forget to fix the appropriate time for them and inquire about their uniforms too. With all the checklists ticked, your party is going to gift your guests the best bar experience for sure!