How to Clean the Leather Items in the House?

How to Clean the Leather Items in the House?

Leather is one of those fabrics that are widely used and globally accepted. From the seat covers of the car to the exteriors of couches, and from belts to shoes; you can spot leather at so many places that sometimes you may feel like all the other fabrics together can’t match the presence of leather in the house. But care and upkeep for the leather products are equally difficult because you cannot let leather subjected to water for cleaning purposes. The problems get worse when you have to clean house interiors such as couches and dining chairs. If you are feeling this confusion as well, then this one is a helping read for you. Read on to know how to clean leather products residing in the house.

  • Tags Tell You

First of all, when it comes to household leather products, all leather chairs and couches come with a tag that informs you about the cleaning method for that individual leather product. For example, ‘W’ imprinted on a couch tag means that you can use water to wash it. Similarly, ‘S’ tagged on a couch tag means that you need to use a solvent (chemicals) for Leather Couch Cleaning. Moreover, the ‘WS’ tag means you are allowed to use both water and solvent on the leather surface. Lastly, if ‘X’ is written on the tag, it means no water or anything else can be used on the leather surface. For such cases, you can only use a vacuum.

  • Proceed with Pace

After getting to know the ideal process on the leather, start cleaning the leather surface accordingly. To begin with, use a vacuum cleaner on the couch and let go of all the powder dust and dirt from the leather surface. The next step of Leather Cleaning is to take a towel or microfiber cloth to clean the surface further. The reason behind cleaning the surface with a cloth is to clean any remnant dust that has saved itself from vacuuming. Make sure that you use a light-colored towel or microfiber such as white or crème because a dark-colored towel may bleed into the leather which will ruin the surface finish.

  • Smelly Sofa

After cleaning the allergens and dust from the couch, the next thing you may have to battle with is the bad smell. Now, use baking soda for getting rid of the stink. Scatter baking soda on the surface of the leather and add some borax in the soda if the smell is strong and takes a while to get off. Let the mixture of these powders sit for around 20 minutes. Then, use a cleaning brush with soft bristles to clean the powders from the leather surface, and then another round of vacuuming will do the rest.

Follow these tips to take good care of the leather in your house.