Essential Spearfishing Gear to Hunt Perfectly!

Essential Spearfishing Gear to Hunt Perfectly!

Spearfishing is basically a type of fishing which has been quite popular around the globe for centuries. Prior civilisations were accustomed to the custom of spearing fish from the rivers and streams with the help of sharpened sticks with the help of which they caught the fish for their basic needs. This has been evolved totally to a different ballgame today. Today, only experienced divers go for spearfishing, mostly as a part of their sports or business needs.  

Spearfishing nowadays has this modern and compact elastic and pneumatic-powered spearguns or slings to attack the hunted fish. It is done by diving, snorkelling, or through scuba diving. Most of the times, it is assumed that underwater spearfishing is done through free-diving variant. This is true considering that this one is the hardest of the techniques.While, most of the spear-fishers say; this is the best way of spearfishing. It requires a long dive under the deep waters and searching for a long time to catch and attack the fish. That is why, being well prepared and ready and all geared up is essential when you are going for spearfishing.

Necessary Equipment for Spearfishing!   

The idea of spearfishing demands you to be under the waters for a longer period of time. There may be unlimited hazards and danger there for you. Also, you are diving for a certain purpose, that is to catch a good amount of fish. It is but natural that you have to be equipped for the same. To get all your needs under one roof check out Board Band, spearfishing equipment shop in UK, that has everything covered for your spearfishing adventure, and even all the essentials for your various water sports activities. Do keep a check on the list below for all the equipment you’ll need for your spearfishing experience: 

  • A Spearfishing Wetsuit —For spearfishing, you need to have a good quality wetsuit. These wetsuits are essential as they keep you warm. Staying warm as and when you dive is vital, because you just can’t carry out the experience or enjoy the same in a lake or an ocean if you are shivering in water. Also, these keep you protected for all types of dangers under water that may scratch your body and also the harsh rays of sun that can burn your skin. Note: Never dive underwater for spearfishing in your regular swimsuit. It is absolutely not suitable for this experience and not recommended at all.
  • Mask— Getting a mask especially made for the free diving or spearfishing experience is vital too. A low volume, good quality mask is essential to save yourself from sun glare and other inconveniences. Also, make sure it fits well and you don’t have to come out of the water frequently to set it back to its place.
  • Speargun — You just can’t imagine spearfishing without a speargun. Always choose your spearguns wisely. Your entire water tour experience depends on this equipment and the way it works. Don’t go for too small one or too heavy one (as it may be difficult to operate the same under the waters). Also, keep a constant practise of loading the gun outside the water so that you don’t have to face much trouble inside.
  • Snorkel —  A snorkel is essential for a balanced time under the water. Always make sure to choose a more flexible snorkel for a better experience. Mostly purge valve snorkels serve the purpose right when you want to keep water out of the mouth at the time of enjoying  a breezy snorkel and scuba dive. This system simply expels the water through its bottom chamber as and when you breathe, thus, making it easier and convenient for you.
  • Socks and Gloves — Socks and gloves are extremely important for spearfishing as these keep you warm. Also, some fish and water species have sharp bodies which may harm you when you are trying to catch them. A good quality (mostly thick Lycra) gloves and socks are best suited for this experience, as they provide better warmth, protection and grip.
  • Spearfishing Fins — These are of prime importance as they help the divers to glide faster under the water. They also help in keeping a better body position. Though there are various other types of fins, Close heeled fins are the best for spearfishing, as they have got a streamlined design, which leads to a better power, and a secure fit.

These are the basic necessities needed when you are going for spearfishing. Apart from these, make sure to add in spearfishing knives, belts, reel, watch, flag etc. These can enhance your experience better and make the same safer, more comfortable and hassle free.