Excited About Your First Winery Tour? Read to Know What to Expect!

Excited About Your First Winery Tour? Read to Know What to Expect!

All your friends have had an exciting trip to those vineyards. And you are excited to follow suit! You may enjoy your glass of wine with a meal, but feel intimidated by all the sniffing, swirling and pairing rules? A wine tour would enhance both your love and knowledge!

There can be all sorts of doubts about how the tour would be conducted, and what kind of experience you shall take home. When in doubt, step back from the front seat. Book your guided winery tour with Cheers Bus in Hunter Valley Such wineries tour would guarantee a comprehensive experience of a vinery visit along with tasting – all in the comfort and convenience of an air conditioned mini-bus.

Enhance your wine tour experience with few essential points to remember!

If the world of wine intrigues you, wine tours are going to an exhilarating experience for you. Read about some pointers that would prepare you for what to expect!

Before embarking on the Journey:

  • Plan your attire: Most wineries are okay with casual dressing. However, if you aren’t sure, ask while you make your reservations. Wear dark colours to camouflage wine spills, if any. Remember to carry goggles and hats if you are expecting a sunny day (and your sunscreen too, perhaps?). And very importantly – wear extremely comfortable shoes for the ease of walking.
  • Plan what you eat or wear right before: Any strong flavour consumed right beforehand (like coffee, garlic etc.) may hinder your understanding of the subtle flavours of the wines. Similarly, you should avoid wearing strong perfumes.
  • Plan Your transport: Well, even if you are not one to over indulge, wine tasting often gets so interesting that you never realise how much you have consumed with all those tasting sips! Better not to drive after that. So, arrange for a transport back home!
  • Plan to carry some cash: You may have prepaid for the tour, and it may cover all expenses, but there may be an expectation of tips. Even if no one expects, you may like to tip those men and women serving you wine and nibbles, and wait on you hand and foot.

While on the Journey:

  • Never shy to ask —This is your first vineyard trip! Of course, there’d be hundreds of questions popping up in your mind! Never feel shy to ask! Your guide would be happy that you are interested! And you’ll get all your facts right, which would make your tour worthwhile.
  • Learn to differentiate wines — There are going to be innumerable wines that you’ll taste. If possible, take some notes about them for future reference. Getting your facts right is what would make you a connoisseur.
  • Enjoy it with scrumptious food — Meal breaks are included in the wine tours and you can enjoy a hearty meal during this time. Some wineries also serve cheese and other nibbles during the wine tasting. Drinking empty stomach isn’t recommended.
  • Don’t hesitate to try the new tastes — Wines can be of different kinds and you’ll be given a chance to enjoy all of them during the tour. Each has its own USP, and your tour wouldn’t be complete without experiencing them all. 

With all the above pointers in mind, we are sure you would be having a fun and fruitful wine tour. But remember to take a good collection of them back home for yourself and to gift your loved ones too!