Learn the Fantastic Ways Through Which You Can Remove Algae From Your Roof

Learn the Fantastic Ways Through Which You Can Remove Algae From Your Roof

There’s no doubt that the presence of algae on your roof is not only a costly headache but also unattractive to the naked eyes as well. Therefore, taking necessary steps to remove it is indeed vital in minimising the overall impact and also lessening the damage it can do to your home.

The best and the safest way to effectively remove algae from your roof is to hire a professional such as exterior house wash in Auckland services. The professional will be equipped with some of the modern tools required to perform a roof treatment, which is why you cannot do the same task on your own. Thus, getting help from a professional is a much more cost-effective and sensible solution for any homeowner out there.

What Is An Algae?

Roof algae or Gloeocapsa magma (scientific name) is a cyano-bacteria. While technically it’s not algae, it’s termed to be one due to its physical appearances being the same as that of algae – which is being green in colour. 

Where Does The Algae Come From?

This type of roof algae generally spiked in the year 1990s, all around the world. It was thought that such an event occurred due to the increase in the overall humidity of the earth. Around the same time as well, roof manufacturers also started to move away from ceramic and paper made shingle filler to a cheaper alternative known as limestone filler, which is highly attractive towards algae.

Algae is most common in areas where there is a moist and cool climate to grow. If the atmosphere around your home is mostly humid, you can easily expect the formation of algae on your house’s roof. These organisms mainly colonise the particular areas where there is devoid of any sunlight – which is generally found on the northern side of the roof. Even though algae are mostly found on shingles, you can also see them appear in other moist areas of your home. 

As more algae start to collect on the roof of your home, the darker areas of the roof will be unable to reflect any sunlight and thereby absorb all the incoming heat. This will result in shortening of the roof’s life and excess building up of heat on the roof’s surface.

How To Remove The Algae?

Simply said, there’s no substitute for hiring professionals to treat the algae on your roof. Hiring professional workers means that they will be insured, which will protect you from any harm caused during the removal procedure. Furthermore, these professionals will be certified and will have access to certain special chemicals for treating algae, which you’ll not generally find at your local hardware shops. 

Furthermore, you’ll be saving your precious time without having to perform the task by yourself.