5 Most Common Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them

5 Most Common Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them

You wake up early. A big presentation already awaits you at the office. Getting there first might help move things along. You sip some coffee, and out the door, you go. There is only one major problem. 

The garage door won’t open. What do you do? Ask for a ride to work from your neighbor? 

One such incident can ruin your day. Yet, garage door problems are common as garage doors are subject to wear and tear.

Garage door repair specialists ensure that your garage door is functional and efficient. Here is a list of 5 most common garage door problems and how to fix them, according to top garage door specialists.

  1. Noisy Garage Door

Garage door noises are not unusual with older doors. Yet, when they become unbearable, you could be looking at a potential problem. 

You need to check the loose bolts and hinges and tighten them. Once tight, spray the hinges to ensure they are well lubricated.

The other reason why your garage door is noisy is the motor. The up-limit switch needs to move away from the motor. The up-limit control is a touch lever. 

Also, you will find the control mount on a track near the motor. 

Another cause for a noisy door could be old rusty roller bearings and moving parts. That may need you to hire a specialist to replace the whole bearing system. 

  1. The Garage Door Won’t Open

When your garage door refuses to open, there could be several reasons. 

The first one could be that the remote batteries are dead. It could also be the fact that you are standing at a long-range while pointing the remote. Garage door remote batteries will wear out after some time. 

You can fix this problem by replacing the batteries. You can take the remote to the warehouse with you to ensure that it does not have an issue. 

There is a possibility that something obscures the garage door antenna. You can confirm this by looking through the door crack. Once you view the position of the antenna, remove the obstruction and try opening the door once more. 

Also, sometimes you will realize that the springs to your door may fall off or are not working. Springs on your garage door lift the weight of the door, which causes them to break over time. 

Sometimes you will hear the springs break. One spring may still function, but you will notice the difference in how the door opens and closes.

Repairing a counterbalance spring, you need a garage door repair specialist. A specialist is able to handle the settings to ensure balance and precision. Use a manual guide for such repairs if you would wish to do the repairs.

  1. The Garage Door Won’t Close

Sometimes the door to your garage will not close. The problem could be the sensor. The sensor is usually a safety measure, which ensures that there are no accidents. 

If there is something standing in the way, the door will not close no matter what. The sensors have lenses. Lenses to these eyes may have some dust. 

You can fix the problem by wiping the dust off the lenses. Be sure to use an excellent lens-cleaning cloth to avoid damaging the lenses.

Also, the door eyes could be facing the wrong direction. The sensor eyes must be well aligned with each other. If they are facing the wrong way, here is what you should do. 

Take a ruler or a measuring tape and ensure that they are at the same height. 

Garage sensor eyes should see each other for the door to close. When they face each other, take a level, and ensure that they are at the same angle. Use your remote to open the door.

If the procedures above are complete and your door still will not open, then it is time to call a specialist.

  1. Frozen Garage Door

During cold seasons, it is likely that your garage door may freeze. Once you try to open the door, it may open halfway and stop midway with zero response. The problem could be as a result of ice on the ground.

Additionally, garage door issues like freezing come from broken hinges and springs. When this happens, there is very little you can do without the help of a specialist.

Garage doors also experience freezing when the inner bearing system gets stuck. Once stuck, you can find help from a repair and maintenance specialist. 

  1. The Garage Door Opens and Reverses

Another garage door issue is when you open your garage door, and it opens but reverses before it hits the ground. 

The garage door has a unique system in which the opener has a change screw that controls the closing force. A door has a pressure with which it is set to ascend before the motor switches off. 

If such a problem occurs, you need to change the close force settings. This is because the rollers are picking up signals that the door has actually hit the floor. 

You may also need to lubricate your rollers to avoid the problem. Dry and rusty rollers often create friction, which sends the wrong signals to the sensors. Spray your rollers to ensure they are in great shape, then try opening and closing your garage door again. 

Follow Expert Advice on Garage Door Problems

As with all garage doors, how well you tend your garage door ensures you have an easier time with it. The five garage door problems above are a sample of the myriad of things that may call for a garage door repair specialist. 

Apart from garage door issues and how to fix them, there is a lot of information on our blog that will help you revamp your garage. Check them out today.