Garage Door Problems and Their Solutions

Garage Door Problems and Their Solutions

A little garage door troubleshooting can go a long way in maintaining your door’s build and functionality. Because of the excessive usage of the garage door on a daily basis, its maintenance and repair is a common process. Depending upon the damage to the garage door, some damage is easy to repair at home while there are some damages that you can’t repair at home. For this purpose, you have to hire an expert. The sooner you identify the issue and fix it, less it will cost you. If the issue is not evident then you should definitely have to consult the garage door specialist. Better built door, LLC is a company that provides you the best experts in treating all your problems related to the garage door.

There are some of the common garage door problems and their solution at home. But in any case, if the problem is not what you can handle at home then call a garage door specialist in that case. “Better built door, LLC” provides the best services in this regard. They have every possible solution for your garage door damage. Some of the common problems are listed below:

  • Impaired garage door opener
  • Grinding noises
  •  The door opens  a bit and then closes immediately
  • The garage door does not seal to the bottom
  • Rust formation

Impaired garage door opener

This is the number one issue that most people are facing at home. It is something that can be easily fixed at home. Chain or drive-screw-operated garage door openers need the lubricants to be fixed well. By using the lubricants you can reduce the friction in the garage door. Most lubricants that are used here are silicon-based lubricants. In some cases, sometimes spray lubes are used at the full length of the door. Excess of the spray should be wiped off.

Grinding noises

Grinding noises produced by the garage door is another very common problem that can be easily solved at home. Lose and shabby parts are mostly the reason for producing the grinding noises. Noises produced by your garage door are an indication that your door needs lubrication. If you hear any kind of grinding noises produced by your garage door then apply the lubricant at the creak part.

The door opens a bit and then closes immediately

When this kind of situation occurs that the door opens a bit and then closes immediately then there must be a problem in the spring at the top of the door that needs to be replaced. The garage door spring needs to be replaced in three years. It can only be replaced earlier only when it is broken or worn out.

The garage door does not seal to the bottom

If the garage door does not seal to the bottom then the only solution to this problem is pipe insulation and by securing it into the parts of the door that do not seal properly one can solve this problem. Pipe insulation can be obtained at any local hardware shop.

Rust formation

Among the garage door problems, rust formation is the common one. Rust formation can lock the dirt in your door. To remove the rust, first, wash your door with the dishwashing soap then clean it with a cloth soaked in vinegar. Vinegar is the natural rust dissolver.