Four things to know before you get eyelash extensions

Four things to know before you get eyelash extensions

We do not suggest hating your eyelashes, but why would someone say ‘no’ to beautiful eyelash extensions? It is a way to elevate your facial appearance, and we are sure you must be longing to have a similar experience. But before you go for these extensions, you need to know a few things about eyelash extensions. They are not magical things; they need to be chosen carefully after evaluating your own set of requirements. 

Following are the things we would like you to know about eyelash extensions. 

  • Find a good and experienced lash artist. 

You can never take a risk and enter a salon blindly and get your eyelashes extended. Come on; these are not your eyebrows or a simple waxing session; you cannot afford any inexperienced hands to work on your eyelashes. You have to get them done by a competent professional, no matter how busy your life is. The skilled lash artist should have the knowledge, experience, and technique of extending eyelashes. Ensure that they have been reviewed favorably by the previous customers. Better not to make an impulsive decision, do your research before entering a salon. 

  • Eyelashes can be customized as per your preferences. 

Your lash artist will not be the decision-maker. Some artists might try to manipulate your demands and try to sell you off with an extension you don’t even like or do not suit you at all. You ought to stay far from such artists. Always approach artists who listen to your requirements and suggest options and force you to buy something you don’t like. You can come up with your choices in eyelashes, such as curls or varying diameters, or certain shapes. You can explore on the internet and get inspired with an eyelash extension that suits your face shape and appearance. 

  • Think about the maintenance. 

As we mentioned, seeking eyelash extension should not be impulsive. You should think about future maintenance as well. You might need to fill them up every 2 to 3 weeks in the initial days, and you have to be careful while touching your eyes and lashes. Brushing is also good, but you have to be extra careful while doing so. You can ask the artist for any maintenance tips. If you are not good at maintaining things, you can go for low-priced ones. 

  • Go for a natural look. 

If it is your first time getting your eyelashes extended, then it is better to opt for a natural look. You could be tempted to try something different from what your favourite celebrity wears, but we suggest being natural. You can add an extra element in the future when you are comfortable with the existing ones. We also believe a genuine lash artist will advise you to go for a natural look and Permanent Makeup in Erlanger

In short, seeking eyelash extension is a good thing to do for your beauty. It works for most women, but you ought to know the above things before you step into a salon.