3 Ways to Green Up Your House Right Now!

3 Ways to Green Up Your House Right Now!

Home is where the heart is. But it’s also the biggest expense you have throughout your life.

Looking for ways to save on your household expenses is a great way to reduce your overall budget. One common way to reduce your household expense is by using green home energy tactics.

Check out these 3 ways you can make your home energy efficient. 

  1. Solar Panels

Solar panels are one of the best green home energy techniques you can try. With a company like Browning Electric, you can install a system that reduces your electricity bill by around 75 percent.

There are solar panel options that work for your house alone or entire communities. Connect with your neighborhood association for any restrictions on installation.

Just because you own your house doesn’t mean there are bylaws that limit how you can build. But solar panels are worth the added administrative approvals because they’ll save you money on your taxes.

There are tax credits available for homes with solar panels installed as long as your units meet the minimum requirements. Keep in mind that tax credits are not the same as tax refunds.

A tax credit means your liabilities are reduced if you owe money. The downside to solar panels is the high upfront cost.

Even the low-grade models are financially out of reach for many people. Still, if you can save up for solar panel installation, you’ll save more money over the long run. 

  1. Wind Generator

No, you’re not in Kansas anymore. Windmills and wind power systems are available just about everywhere.

Buy a compact version of a windmill farm using a DIY system from a hardware store or professionally installed kits. The costs vary based on high tech the unit you select.

Don’t expect uniform output for all wind generator systems, but most of the options you get from a kit bring about 10 to 15 percent savings on your green home energy.

These affordable versions are more than enough to keep costs down in the typical household. 

  1. Energy Star Appliances

One of the easiest things you can do to improve your green home energy is to replace any appliances that aren’t energy efficient. Start with the refrigerator and hot water heater.

These two appliances are said to be the biggest energy sucks in most homes. Making sure they are as efficient as possible helps you reduce your energy output.

A few things you can do to reduce energy before replacing your units is to keep them separate from other appliances. Appliances side by side expend more energy than those spaced apart.

It’s possible to insulate your hot water heater to keep any energy from being wasted.

Green Home Energy Tactics

You can boost your green home energy strategy with major upgrades to your home with a wind generator or solar panel system. But the least expensive method is to simply upgrade the efficiency of your major appliances. 

Updating your appliances doesn’t give you a good return on your investment over the long term though. They only live so long which means you’ll be back in the same boat once an appliance fails.

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