Guide to Water Fed Poles

Guide to Water Fed Poles

As a Pure Water Window Cleaner, the most important decision is to ensure you have the correct pole. This is the equipment you will use every day.

Don’t be deceived by the fact that all poles do the same job. The right pole will make you more efficient and produce a better product, such as spotless windows.

Let’s get down to the point. All poles have primary differences that can be reduced by differences in material, clamping systems and size. These are only a few examples of the differences.

Pole Materials


Aluminium poles are durable and strong, but they are also heavier than other options. These poles are ideal for domestic or occasional use. They should be kept below 25 and 30ft, as they can become difficult or impossible to control from higher heights. Because they are less expensive than other options, these poles are ideal for starting.

Glass Fibre

These lightweight glass fibre pole can be extended to their full potential and are affordable and light. These poles are limited in their use to 20 feet. Beyond that, their flexibility is limited. These poles are great for those looking for an affordable pole with a lighter weight than Aluminium poles.

Hybrid or Carbon Composite

Hybrid poles are made up of several materials and approximately half the carbon fiber. These poles have many advantages as full carbon fiber poles but are half the price. Hybrid poles can be stronger than glass fiber but aren’t as rigid or strong as carbon fibre.

They are heavier than carbon fiber, but lighter than glass fiber. They can be priced in between them. The hybrid is our best-selling “everyday” pole. They can be used to clean domestic properties. They can be used up to 30ft. They can be used up to 30ft.

Hybrid poles can be a great option for Window Cleaning business owners. They strike the right balance between benefit and cost.

Carbon Fibre

The best carbon fibre poles are available. They are strong, stiff, lightweight, and durable. While the average price for carbon fibre poles will be higher than those mentioned, you won’t regret buying one once you’ve used it. Carbon fibre is recommended for poles over 50 feet in length. This is especially true for poles that are used daily.

By using a water-fed pole, you can reduce the strain on your body. Veteran Window Cleaners recommend investing in a carbon fibre pole right from the start.

Carbon Fibre for HiMod or Ultra HiMod Carbon Fibre

These poles can be used for special cleaning. These poles are extremely lightweight and rigid and are the most expensive. Hi-Mod and Ultra Hi-Mod water-fed poles are made from high-grade carbon fibre. Because the pole is thinner, it can be more rigid and weigh less.

These poles can be used at any height, up to 70ft.

Pole Clamping Systems

Brands are distinguished by their clamping system. Nearly all brands will have a clamping system. The clamping mechanism will not be affected by differences in length and dimension.

There are many types of clamp and pole available in both the FaceLift and Unger nLite brands. This is where our unique FaceLift(r) PHANTOM water fed pole design makes a difference.

This pole clamp is hand-made from high-quality materials to minimize wear on the pole and give you exceptional gripping power.

The FaceLift(r), PHANTOM water fed poles is our most popular range.

Pole Sizes

The size of the pole you require will depend on your work. Domestic work is usually done on the ground floor or the first floor. For cleaning ground floors ).

Commercial work may be available at 30-40ft. These jobs will require longer sections and more material. It’s not an exact measurement, but you can figure out the height you must reach if each floor measures 10ft.

It may seem like the best thing to have the biggest pole possible to cover all bases. It is very difficult and time-consuming to clean a 20ft property with a pole 50ft high. A specialist pole should have a long reach to reach the 5% of properties that require high reach equipment. You could also consider using a daily pole to reach the 95 spans.