Hair Mistakes That Can Really Age You

Hair Mistakes That Can Really Age You

A first impression really does go a long way to shape a person’s personal opinions on you, and believe it or not they can shape your own internal feelings about yourself as well. This means keeping the front line strong and ready for action by taking care of the things people notice first like skin, teeth, and of course, hair. Your hair is a critical part of the fight against aging, because it’s one of the first places that begin to change as we get older. Thinning, and lightening, your hair is a dead giveaway to the world that your age is taking a toll on you, so don’t let them see those weaknesses by knowing where to tackle and tame your tresses.

Not Short Enough

Okay, so you don’t want the typical older woman super short hair style, and that’s perfectly understandable because not everybody can pull it off without looking even older, but keeping your hair too long can also cause an aging effect. When people see older women with Rapunzel length hair they aren’t thinking that you look young and control of your hair, they just see those long ends in need of a trim and assume you’re trying to live vicariously through the long haired maidens of many a romance novel. Yahoo Shine advises: Consider trimming it up a bit and keep it to just below the shoulder if you want a little flirty length to it, Of course you can go longer if you know how to work with it, but long hair requires maintenance like a little wave or curl to keep it from hanging pin straight and looking droopy and tired.

Too Much Blonde

Even if you’re a natural blonde and just dying your hair the color it always was throughout your adult life you’ll find that going so light can really age you over time. Jenny Bailly of says: Because your skin is becoming paler as well, the light blond in your hair can almost give the illusion of white or gray anyway, which is exactly what you’re looking to avoid by dying it. This doesn’t mean you need to go dark though, you can stick to your blonde roots, but add a few shades of depth by going with a warmer more golden tone. Consider some red or brown highlights as well to bring out a little something less washed out and you’ll notice a real difference.

Going Dark

Going too dark has the same effect as going too light, because your skin is becoming paler as you age if you dye your hair dark brown or black you’ll wind up looking like a ghost beneath it. Unless you’re a pro where the spray tan is concerned, it’s best to lighten up just a little. Consider going from a black to a playful chestnut brown and from dark brown to a honey brown instead. There’s no reason why you can’t play with the colors until you find something tasteful that suits your style and look without overpowering your skin tone. Remember to match your eyebrows or have them just a shade lighter or darker so that they don’t disappear on your face or cause too large a contrast either.

Tight Hair

Sometimes the hairstyles you wore throughout your youth stop being as flattering as they once were like the tight ballerina bun you may have worn to recitals all your life. You can still wear a bun and rock it without looking old, but you’ll want to loosen it up a little big and maybe add some texture by tugging down a few curls here and there or adding a flirty side bang. Dawn Wilder of writes: By giving it a little something extra with the bang or the loose pieces there’s more to focus on and less pulling at your skin, which, let’s face it, will only cause the wrinkles you are trying to prevent.

One Length

One hair faux pas that you really should avoid as you age is keeping your hair all one length. Blunt cuts may have looked good in your late twenties but as you’re heading over the hill of forty or fifty it’s high time to embrace the layered look. Web MD expresses: Layers can give your hair more bounce, texture, and lead the eye away from the place where the cut ends which may be your neck or chin area. It can create a softer, less severe ambiance, without washing you out and you’ll find there’s much more you can do with layered locks rather than one chunk of hair down the back of your neck. Play around with texturing the shorter layers to flip out and curl with hair paste or wax and have fun with your hair. Avoiding these hair don’ts will have you looking younger and feeling more self-confident about your style in no time. There are other ways that your hair can dramatically change your look as well, like choosing a cut that frames your particular face shape, or picking colors that go with your skin tone. Speak to your stylist about options and ask if they can tell you what your face shape is and show you some examples of what might look nice and flatter yours specifically. Don’t be afraid to talk to different hair dressers than your own as well for some fresh inspiration and outlook on your style.