Home Safety Tips & Tricks For The Upcoming Holiday Season

Home Safety Tips & Tricks For The Upcoming Holiday Season

We all like to have fun during the holiday season but most of us forget that fun & enjoyment should be done within limits of safety & security. It’s always unwise to go overboard with the celebrations because it may directly or indirectly affect your loved ones. 

If you want to be a responsible citizen, then the holiday season should always be enjoyed after carrying out the various safety protocols. To help you out with the same, we are sharing some of the best safety tips & tricks that you can practice during the holiday season – in collaboration with a home inspection in Polk County

Safety Suggestions To Follow For The Holiday Season

  • Ensure that you never proceed to use lighted candles near curtains, drapes, trees, or any other potential inflammable items.  
  • Keep your Christmas tree far away from the fireplace or other heat sources so that it doesn’t become a fire hazard. Moreover, you’ll also need to ensure that the tree doesn’t block any hallway or pathway, otherwise maintaining traffic will be an issue.  
  • In case you’re using an artificial tree for the holiday season, then make sure that the tree is labeled and tested as fire-resistant. If the artificial tree has in-built electrical components, then the same should be marked as UL or Underwriters Laboratory. 
  • Use each lighting equipment for its use case scenario. For example, if you’re using indoor lighting equipment, then ensure that it is being used indoors. Similarly, if you’re using a piece of outdoor lighting equipment, ensure that you use the equipment for outdoor use only.

    Furthermore, you need to look for loose connections, any live wire sticking out from the walls, any damaged light sets and so on. 
  • In case you’re using extension cords, be sure to use them safely and judiciously. Extension cords can be a tripping hazard, which is why you need to be extra careful about the same and place them efficiently. Moreover, don’t use extension cords for more than two lighting fixtures because it’ll put stress on the entire system.  
  • When you’re going to bed or leaving the house, ensure that you turn off every light in your home. Otherwise, it can become a fire hazard.  
  • In case you’re using a natural Christmas tree, make sure that it is watered every day so that the leaves & branches doesn’t get dried up. Otherwise, dry leaves and branches may catch fire easily.  
  • When setting up outdoor lighting fixtures, make sure that you confine them to certain support so that they don’t get damaged due to wind blasts. Also, keep electricity wires & plugs away from water sources.