How the Texas Power Crisis Could Have Been Avoided

How the Texas Power Crisis Could Have Been Avoided

If you are someone living in Texas you already know about this. And if you are from somewhere else you should be familiar with the incident. Here’s what happened in the Texas power crisis-

On 14th February in Texas, the weather got extremely cold. It came down to a single-digit number. This led the power plants to go offline due to too much cold around them. Most of the power plants in Texas can’t hold up against that kind of weather conditions. 

As the state is mostly hot and humid it hardly faces that kind of cold. Naturally, this got difficult for the power plants and the people. The incident affected almost 4.8 million people without any power at all. There was no electricity around the area. 

However, with the current condition’s experts are expecting another weather strike in Texas. This may lead to another power crisis. So, the primary goal is to prevent that from happening. For that, they will need to take some preventive measures. Let’s check out what can they do to prevent something like that from happening again.

Preventive measures for a power crisis 

Texas government can try taking up some measures to avoid another power crisis. These are some preventive measures that might help them in such a huge crisis.

  • Strengthen infrastructure 

The current infrastructure for all the power plants is too weak. They were made based on the previous experiences of winter in Texas. Climate is changing drastically around the world. As a result, the old methods aren’t enough to withhold any crisis coming towards a place. 

So, they have to create winterized infrastructures all around Texas. This will make sure that the weather can’t bring about any power crisis towards them. Many experts in Texas consider this to be the easiest and quickest solution to avert the problem. This is the obvious solution for them to avoid a crisis. 

  • Using demand response technology

A demand response technology is used for saving up on energy. It’s pretty simple. The energy providers will allow power to the basic needs and appliances like lights, fans, coolers, or heaters. And they will cut off on the luxury needs like washing machines.

To make things clear currently you either have electricity in your house or not. But with the demand response, only the unimportant appliances get cut off from electricity. This is the smart way of moderating electricity use at homes. These can help in conserving more energy and use them in times of need. 

  • Connection of ERCOT 

ERCOT or Electric Reliability Council of Texas is the company that is responsible for most of the electricity supply in Texas. They manage the complete Texas electrical grid through different electricity companies.

Texas currently has a connection with the eastern power grid and Mexico grid. But these connections aren’t strong enough. They only let out a small amount of electricity. To avoid such kind of crisis that power isn’t enough. This is why they will need a higher voltage DC connection to avoid such a crisis. 

This means a connection of ERCOT with the Eastern and Western interconnections. This will let them import energy much faster in desperate times. 

  • Increasing energy storage 

Currently, the kind of energy storage Texas has isn’t much strategic. It’s plain and simple. This is why many experts suggest having a strategic approach to reserving energy. For instance, some energy storage batteries could have been a huge help to the Texas power grid. They could have added some amount of energy.

Like many other states, Texas can invest in some tesla batteries for backup power. These batteries are enough to power up thousands of houses in times of crisis. Also, adding some extra natural gas in powerplants can help in keeping the powerplant online.

Overall a strategic plan to increasing and reserving energy storage can be a lethal weapon in emergencies. 

Final words 

As easy as the solution may seem, they are quite expensive in reality. We are talking about millions and billions of dollars here. However, spending that kind of money for the welfare of a state and its people is the job of the government in the first place. And these are investments for avoiding any kind of crisis in the future. So, this is money well spent.