How This Course Works – The Essential Secrets of Songwriting

How This Course Works – The Essential Secrets of Songwriting


What does practicing mean? To practice is to break down the task of writing music into its parts and give songwriters ideas for developing each element without worrying about the others. This is what the eBook bundle’s 9-Lesson Course does. I thought it would be helpful to provide a shorter online version.

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You’ll find activities that allow you to apply the concepts you have learned in each lesson of songwriting course online. These activities should be considered starting points from which you can create your activities. The first lesson will give you a list of words. You’ll then be able to create synonyms and other words that evoke the same feelings. Don’t stop there! Create your list of words that may relate to a song you have been working on.

Expanding on the exercises by looking at songs you are currently writing is a great method to keep them relevant to your life. I can see the music composers are currently creating and help them in their work. It can be more difficult to do this online, but possible.

This online course teaches you how to:

  • Your imagination can be expanded and your creativity.
  • Enhance your comprehension of forms and structures.

These ideas are easy to follow and complete. They are also meant to be fun and useful. It is important to have fun when learning creative skills. When mundane and uninspiring tasks constantly challenge your brain, it’s difficult to be creative.


This course is a sign that you care about your music. If that is true, I recommend you start the process of improvement by doing these:

  1. You should listen to lots of music. As many music genres as you can. Your creativity will become more diverse the more music you listen to.
  2. As much as you can. It is important to see how great writers express their ideas. You will also need to understand how great writers manage pacing, drama, and the overall presentation of ideas.
  3. Don’t let anything go. You will find fragments of ideas as you work on songs. You might find a bit of lyrics here or a chord progression there. It’s possible that many ideas won’t make it into your song. They might find their way into another song. Keep a book of ideas.
  4. Schedule a time each day to write. You may need to be flexible with your schedule if you are a student. However, you should be consistent.
  5. Open your mind to different ways of writing. Many talented songwriters will tell you they have tried many different writing styles. Sometimes they focus on text. Sometimes they create a melody or a chord progression. When songwriting, be open-minded and creative.