How To Choose A Mold Removal Company

How To Choose A Mold Removal Company


Have you ever had mold removed? Are you unsure what questions to ask mold removal firms? What are they actually doing?

Mold removal companies know what to expect and what industry standards should be. You shouldn’t hire a company that doesn’t know how to answer the questions.

We want everyone, regardless of where you live (Oconee Clarke, Barrow Walton Green Morgan, Walton Green Morgan, Walton Green, Morgan Jackson, Oglethorpe and Madison County, Georgia).


Mold removal in willingboro nj is the technical name for mold remediation. Branch Environmental understands that mold remediation can seem overwhelming. We are here to help you. We use a proven process that not only removes mold contaminants but also prevents them from returning to homes and other places.

What is the process for mold removal?

The Scope

You should get a c comprehensive mold and indoor air quality inspection from the company you choose. Don’t just hand over a bill without fully investigating the problem. The inspector should clearly define the scope of work required and what can be avoided. Your inspector should discuss all options with you and create a plan that suits your needs and budget.

Correct Moisture Problems

To prevent mold from returning, it is important to remove or correct the source of moisture. This can be done by an outside contractor. Now is the time for plumbing problems and other leaks to be addressed. Routine maintenance checks on your home can quickly fix leaks. Mold will grow faster if a leak is not addressed immediately. They say prevention is nine tenths as effective as treatment.

Check out these posts to learn more about how to prevent water damage and which areas are most susceptible to leaks.

Protect the People

Your family’s safety and that of your work crew is a top priority. Preparing your home for any work is key. Branch Environmental employs methods like containment walls and positive air to protect your home. We’ll also let you know if you are allowed or not to be present during the work. Branch Environmental Keeping you Safe is a great resource.

Get Rid of the Mold

Start by removing non-salvageable materials. The materials that can still be saved will then need to be cleaned. Branch Environmental uses only safe and eco-friendly products. Branch Environmental does not recommend replacing one of the environmental toxins with another such as bleach. Ask your mold remediation contractor about the chemicals they use and whether they are eco-friendly.


Reinstalling the floor or walls that were damaged during remediation will be the last step. Carpet, drywall, and other soft materials will most likely need to be replaced. Depending on the extent of damage, framing and complete floors might need to be replaced.