How to get the perfect high on a long duration

How to get the perfect high on a long duration

If you are a smoker, then you must already know about electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes. And compared to cigarette smoking or tobacco smoking, vaping certainly seems like a safer alternative. For starters, it does not contain any tobacco – tobacco smoking can expose you to between 4000 – 7000 carcinogens. Given this, you can see why more people prefer to ‘vape’ than smoke. But what makes vaping ideal is that you can use the same to smoke some medical marijuana, with ease. If you have been suffering from chronic pain or some other related health issue, then you can use your e-cigarette to smoke some weed or add CBD oil to your vaping fluid, it’s that simple. If you are wondering if the high would be as good as a normal, weed rolled cigarette, or whether the effect would be the same, and then you need to read on.

  • Cannabis: When it comes to medical marijuana, using your e-cigarette is always a better option than rolling a joint. For starters, the later is messy and is bound to leave your hand stinking as well. Once you have been prescribed medical marijuana and incidentally, it is now legal in 50 states across the US, you can apply for a THC or cannabis card and with your doctor’s help, get one at the earliest. And with this card, you can head over to any medical marijuana pharmacist and purchase the required medical marijuana. You can purchase it ‘as it is’ or in the form of small particles and even liquid.

Once you have purchased the same, you can then use it with your e-cigarette device and smoke the same to help you overcome your chronic pain; just search online for Grinders in UK, that should help list some of the top e-cigarette brands that you can check out.

  • The high: This depends more on the weed, the bud, and the e-juice. It all comes down to the type of weed as well as the mode of transmission. If you are on the lookout for an immediate effect as far as marijuana goes, then obviously you would have to smoke the same. And one of the best ways to make that happen is with the right kind of e-cigarette starter kit. Just remember that the high that you may experience may also depend on your constitution and whether you went in for a long drag or not. A longer drag means that your body inhaled more marijuana in and therefore, the high which normally lasts for 2-4 hours should last a little longer.
  • Smaller hits: You can also take smaller hits but it should be pointed out that if you need your high to last a tad longer then you would want to go for big, deep draws.  One of the reasons that the larger draw has a more profound effect on the body than smaller his is the chemical changes it causes in your brain and the effect it has on your senses, especially your pain receptors. And that is why medical marijuana is prescribed to those who suffer from chronic pain.  You can Google Wax liquidizer for some of the best options out there and opt for the best one, which helps to meet your current requirement.

The article should have helped answer some of the questions that you may have had regarding vaping. Now, you know that the high you get through vaping depends on several factors. It depends on the type of cannabis that you are purchasing along with the buds. So the next time you walk into medical marijuana pharmacy, you may want to ask the teller for more information on the particular weed, the strain, and other relevant information before purchasing the same. It is equally vital that you keep your doctor informed at every stage of the process for obvious reasons.