How to Hire a Home Inspector

How to Hire a Home Inspector

The largest financial investment you will make is buying a house. Each property is unique, so it is important to hire a professional to inspect your home before you finalize your purchase.

Your inspector will inspect major systems such as the exterior, interior, heating/cooling and electrical. The inspector will provide a detailed report detailing all findings, safety concerns, and maintenance recommendations.

You have many options to investigate deeper and ensure your home building inspector offers you the best advice before purchasing a house.

How to find the best inspector

  • Make sure your inspector has received the right training. Did you know that Canada’s only two jurisdictions that require home inspector licensing are British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan? Many states in the USA have state licensing, but not all. You must hire an inspector who operates under a company that acts as though licensing is required in all states. This includes a thorough training program that includes technical training, live inspections in the field, business operations, and ethics.
  • You should find someone familiar with the type of home you are looking for and any specific problems that may need to be addressed. This is particularly important if your home requires special attention, such as wood-burning system inspections.
  • Ask questions. Ask questions. Membership in a professional association gives you additional assurance about an inspector’s training and qualifications.
  • Ask about value-added service. You can add value to your home inspection experience by obtaining a property warranty or client protection program. This will protect you from surprises after you have taken possession of your new home.