How to Hire Commercial Cleaning Services: A Simple Guide

How to Hire Commercial Cleaning Services: A Simple Guide

As a business owner, general manager, or head of operations, you’ve got a lot on your plate.

Your job requires you to wear many hats: hire, train, or fire staff; manage finances, like payroll; advertise. These are a few of the many roles you’ll play over the course of your career. On top of those tasks, are you prepared to stay late or come in early to clean the entire building, too?

Hiring commercial cleaning services is an excellent idea, one that contributes to a $117 billion market. Post-COVID, having a clean office or establishment is of more importance than ever. You’ll rest easy knowing that employees and clients alike will have a hygienic atmosphere to conduct work in while also having to do nothing more than finding the best company for the job.

We make that part easy, too. Keep reading.

Ask Your Fellow Businesspeople for Recommendations

Reviews are perhaps one of the best ways to gather intel on the best services in your area.

Chances are, someone in your circle has hired commercial cleaning services before and has a recommendation, like Megasvs (or can tell you which companies to steer clear of). A positive word-of-mouth review goes a long way.  

If your fellow business people aren’t offering much, get advice from the internet. 

Eighty-four percent of people trust online reviews as much as they trust their friends’ advice. Why? Because most people leaving reviews have nothing to lose or gain by posting their thoughts about a company—making it easy to see as credible or honest.

Search for “Best Commercial Cleaning Services” Near You (Key Word: Best)

Did you know that mobile searches for the “best” of something have gone up by 80% over the last two years?

That’s not reserved for business services, either. Google sees searches like “best TV” or “best toothbrush” regularly. It’s clear that people perusing the internet know what they want—and they want the best of the best.

Google itself is working hard to accommodate these better searches, genuinely wanting to bring the best to their search engine users. Next time you’re looking for services, throw the word “best” in the beginning and see how that alters your results.

Conduct an Interview/Consultation

When you finally narrow down some options from the many choices available, you’ve still got a bit of work to do—but you’re on the homestretch.

Don’t neglect to interview any potential commercial cleaners. This is your opportunity to ask questions that are important to you, such as:

  • Do they bring your own cleaning supplies, or should you stock the building with your ideal cleaners?
  • How much does it cost? How long does it take?
  • What other clients has the company worked for? Do they provide testimonials? 

Their answers allow you to compare and contrast businesses until you find one with the ideal rates, methods, and more.

Squeaky Clean Environments Mean Serious Business

You likely work forty or more hours a week. Do you really have the time to DIY when it comes to cleaning an office space?

Commercial cleaning services get the job done for you, saving you precious moments to focus on other tasks. As a business owner or operator, your time is valuable. Make the most of it by outsourcing to the best cleaners near you. 

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