How to make your suit last longer?

How to make your suit last longer?

You have finally invested in a high-quality suit and want it to last as long as possible.

These are some suggestions.


Do not clean your suit if it is dirty or smelly. This means that you have spilt something or sweat through it.

Dry-cleaning suits are common, and most suits can be dried-clean only. You don’t want to dry-clean too much. Dry cleaning can cause the fabric to shrink if it is done too often. It is like “scraping away” the fabric’s surface layer by dipping it in chemicals. The fibres will eventually begin to lose their strength.

Professional pressing is the best option if your suit needs to be “refreshed”. This is much cheaper than dry-cleaning and will kill most bacteria. In most cases, the steam and heat will clean the suit sufficiently.

I own several more than a decade-old suit that I have never dried or cleaned.


Steaming suits before and after every wear is a smart idea. This restores the suit to its original state and gives it a natural ‘hang. It can be as easy as hanging it in your bathroom while taking a hot shower.

If ironing your suit yourself, use a pressing cloth (a piece made of fabric between the hot metal of the iron and the fabric). You risk making the fabric shiny )… if you use an iron that’s too hot.


Always hang your suit up right away after you have taken it off.

It shouldn’t be put in the hamper. It shouldn’t be thrown on the ground. It shouldn’t be thrown over a chair. Hang it on a sturdy hanger with a shoulder bag and a pant bar. It will dry out moisture, return to its original shape and last longer.

It can be stored long-term if you don’t mind it getting soiled. Seasonally, please keep it in a protective bag or plastic cover with a cedar hanger.


Avoid wearing a suit for more than two days.

It’s like a pair of shoes: Allow the garment to dry and let it catch its breath.

Even the most hardworking horse needs to take a break from time to recharge.


Travelling? How to pack your suit (and shirt) correctly.

You can even get a proper suit bag.


Consider altering the suit if you have a change in weight or shape.

An appropriately adjusted fit makes a garment look better and prolongs its life.

Too tight garments can pull on the fabric and cause strain. Tears can result from strain.


No problem if it tears at a seam. Just have your local tailor in Mississauga/seamstress sew it back together.

If you rip a seam, it could signify that you are in serious trouble. Although there are “re-weavers of fabric” that can sometimes do miracles, they are worth looking into. In the worst-case scenario, you will have a scar on the fabric where the tear was.