Ice White Kitchen Cabinets, Trend for 2020

Ice White Kitchen Cabinets, Trend for 2020

In every industry, trends come and go at a seemingly rapid pace. One second something will be the new hot thing, and the next it will be forgotten. This is true in business, technology, fashion and many other spaces. Trends are important and can drive what is successful or popular in any given market. This is even true when it comes to kitchen design, especially in regards to cabinets.

For example, a nice, clean and functional set of ice white shaker kitchen cabinets is growing more popular as many people are looking for a sleek and clean kitchen design. These are functional, while really contributing to a great looking kitchen. Learn more about these high-quality cabinets here: 

However, the function and popularity of ice white kitchen cabinets is far from the only trend in the kitchen cabinet industry. With that in mind, this article is going to go over a few other huge trends in the space that will have an impact in 2020.

Minimalistic or Hidden Handles

In a similar vein as people wanting ice white shaker cabinets, minimalistic or hidden handles for cabinets are very popular right now. People want their kitchens to be as sleek as possible, and large bulky handles can take away from the aesthetic of a kitchen. Instead, they want handles that are either invisible or close to it. These won’t interfere with the look of the cabinet or drawer, allowing for a seamless finish.

These create very clean lines, without hurting the functionality of your kitchen cabinets. There are many different forms that these minimalistic handles can take. Some are hidden under the door, some are as simple as a tiny notch in the door, and some are standard handles that are just very thin barely noticeable. 

Deeper Drawers

More space is something every homeowner yearns for. In fact, several of the things buyers want in a home center around having access to more storage space. People have a ton of stuff, often much more than they need. As a result, they need a ton of space to store it all. One of the best ways to add extra storage in your home is by upgrading your kitchen cabinets.  

In fact, it is a growing trend for kitchen cabinets to have deeper drawers. These can not only hold the same things as a standard cabinets, but also larger items like large tupperware, crockpots and other things that are usually quite the hassle. Organization is very important in the kitchen, and these deeper-drawered cabinets can help ensure that everything is kept together.

The Use of Sustainable Materials

Being efficient is more popular than ever, and more and more people want to do things to protect the environment and reduce their impact on the environment. A great way to do your part is to attempt to use sustainable materials where possible. Thankfully, at least when it comes to kitchen cabinets, this is easier than ever.

Several large manufacturers now have the option to purchase cabinets made of sustainable materials. Also, you could consider building your own from recycled materials that you purchase yourself. Either way, there are more recycled and sustainable options available now than ever before.

In conclusion, there are many kitchen cabinet trends in 2020 to keep your eye on, such as the popularity of ice white kitchen cabinets. These trends will shape the industry over the coming 12 months and potentially beyond.