4 Happening Ideas to Spice Up Your Halloween Celebrations in the UK

4 Happening Ideas to Spice Up Your Halloween Celebrations in the UK

Every year as August comes to an end, the spooky side in every Halloween enthusiast starts rising up. It’s a fact. Some of us love it a little too much and hence, can’t wait for it to be Halloween already.

And then preparing for the day is another battle that gets many in sweat.

Thinking of a costume. Getting it prepared. And then hosting a party (for those who love to play the host). Argh! It can really get tough. Thankfully, there’s a world of ideas to help you with the latter. And, in this post, you’ll read about the best of them.

Here’s a list of 4 happening ideas to spice up your Halloween celebrations in the UK.

1. Spider Ice Cubes

As it’s halloween, an element of thrill and horror should be persistent everywhere.

So, how about spooking your guests out with spider ice cubes? It’s totally something that most of them wouldn’t be expecting. And as they’ll see, certainly, their souls will be shook.

Great when frozen, better when melted, these spider ice cubes can add greatly to the spooky element of your Halloween party.

To know how to prepare these at home, you can have a look at this tutorial.

2. Witchify The Lanterns At Your Place

Again, Halloween is better when everything around you appears spooky, you can also consider turning your houses’ lanterns into witches.

Sounds funny, right? Well, there’s this thing called paper-craft.

All you need to do is craft paper props for decorating the lanterns in your house such that they start looking like witch hats.

For a better idea, have a look at the pictures below.

Apart from this, you can also turn real Pumpkins into spooky Halloween lamps, just as in the picture below.

And if we talk of innovation, we bet you’d love the next one.

Certainly, as it even appears, the last one will take up more time and money. However, if we talk about aesthetics, it’s going to add a great spooky vibe to your celebration.

3. Hire a Photo booth with Spooky Props

It’s no lie that our generation is big on clicking pictures for social media. Which is why, for making the most out of your Halloween celebration, you must use a uniquely spooky photo booth.

This will be the place where most of your party pictures will be clicked. Guests would love to come up to this spot and click all sorts of pictures in their costumes and with the photo booth props.

You can easily find a good photo booth hire in London. This will take care of all your photography worries.

4. Decorate with Toilet Paper Roll Bats

The connection between Halloween and bats is uncanny, but then it’s popular. So, why not use it for your party?

One toilet paper roll per bat. That’s how you can recycle all the used toilet paper rolls in your house and turn them into spooky bats for your Halloween decorations.

For a better idea of how this should look, refer to the picture below.

Sounds like a good idea, right? Well, get on it. Here’s how you can DIY these bats at home.

Final words

It’s already October and we know how it’s still tough to wait for the 31st. But, then we can prepare for it until it’s actually here, right?

That’s what this post was about. Helping you with some happening ideas for spooking up your Halloween celebrations. Hopefully, this was helpful.