Incredible And Innovative Outdoor Entertainment Ideas For Being The Best Host In Town!

Incredible And Innovative Outdoor Entertainment Ideas For Being The Best Host In Town!

When you are in search of fun, mostly you head to different places to holiday or party. What if we said you could get all the entertainment you desire right at your home?! Just imagine the amount of funds you will save, and those fun-filled parties you could throw at your own home! Life would be happy and interesting each day right in your own premises. It doesn’t matter if you are a teen or in your forties or seventies, anyone can utilise these designated entertainment areas within the house and enjoy their time. Well, as a matter of fact, toddlers and furry family members too! 

Call up your buddies to share this interesting outdoor fun with you. Or just relax and spend time at your outdoors rather than staying cramped in the whole day. This would not only beautify the home, but also adds more value to the property and grants you an amazing outdoor area to look forward to. 

Various breath-taking outdoor entertainment ideas that can be built on your property!

If you have a backyard that has ample space, or a large deck that is totally unused, then you just have to call the Residential Construction Company in Auckland like Total Developments. They would design and look after the task of creating a beautiful haven for you by adding the extensions you need to your property. They specialise in creating fabulous outdoor entertainment spaces for you — from spa to gardens, from outdoor kitchens to pools, and so much more. Just read below the list of the incredible outdoor additions that can mean 100% entertainment right at home:

  • A yurt with a hammock — Get the feel and chill of staying at a garden resort by adding a yurt and a hammock at your backyard. More like a tent and less like a home, this yurt would provide the purpose of being a second home for you to lounge and a room for your guests too. You may even let your kids party there (say, when you host their birthday bash) by transforming it to a playroom. On quieter days, you can simply recline on your hammock and enjoy the outdoors.
  •  A swimming pool in the ground? — Yes, If you have ample space, and live in a climatic condition that would let you swim most parts of the year, why not invest in a swimming pool?! Psst! Last heard from party scene – pool parties are a huge rage!  
  • Creative and captivating pergolas — Pergolas above your favourite seating in the garden is meh! But what about adding magic to these too? You can have flower or greenery covered pergolas or one beautifully glammed up with fairy lights? Perfect backdrop for a friends’ get together.
  • A treehouse — You have a house and a garden full of trees. Make the most of it! Build a treehouse on one of those trees, and get lost in the lap of nature. Another great place to host kiddie parties!
  • Oh my outdoor kitchen! — Gone are the days when kitchen was always cramped indoors! Especially, if you are entertaining outdoors, you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the fun cooking inside the house. Bring your kitchen outdoors and let the party happen seamlessly.   
  • Binge on outdoor bar — Hosting a cocktail party and serving the guests who are busy chatting outside may seem a daunting task for you! Why not bring it all out where the guests enjoy having them the most? An outdoor bar with few barstools/ chairs and a couch would take the stress out of playing the host. 
  • Landscaping to add panache — Have you thought about increasing the greens beyond the garden? Create a seamless natural retreat including your patio/ deck/ backyard that would stretch to your garden – that way you overcome space division, create a large outdoor party zone, and can host even a large group without feeling intimidated.   
  • Crazy corner for kids — If your kids like to have friends over, transform an unused outdoor space to a kids’ corner. Add swings and trampolines, colourful large blocks, and give your kids (and their friends!) a feel of a fair right at home. 
  • Outdoor dining deewan — Home décor trends are now blending traditions of the east with conventions of the west. If your house is a place where folks like to flock for cosy chats that eventually turn into sleepovers, why not place those low lying deewans in your deck/ patio? Adorn them with ethnic throws and cushions of bright colours. It would not only be a place to party, but would also double up as a sleeping place for a guest (or two!). 

Options are innumerable! You can let your imagination and creativity run riot. Much would also depend on your lifestyle and the way you like to entertain. For instance, you could add things like fire pits, outdoor shower, outdoor spa, jacuzzi and so on. The best part is – your whim is the King (or Queen) here!