Joaquin Phoenix Acting Advice

Joaquin Phoenix Acting Advice

Joaquin Phoenix is at the centre of a cultural revival. He is a talented actor nominated for four Oscars, including Best Actor in, Joker (2019). In addition to two Golden Globe Awards, a Grammy Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and an Independent Spirit Award, Phoenix also won various awards from the Cannes Film Festival, the Venice Film Festival, and the National Board of Review. He has been widely praised for his performance in, Joker. In 2018, he did a rare interview with Salon. Here are his key takeaways.

“For my, that that’s where I’m aiming at. That is the best moment for me, it’s when I’m making conscious decisions.”

Phoenix speaks about how he has reached a place of grace in his preparations for the film. His subconscious mind, or the mind of his character, has taken complete control, and Phoenix can let go of control at this moment. This is the ideal outcome for Phoenix’sPhoenix’s high-intensity roles.

“If you ever try to consciously do any of the ideas I’ve had, it’s always really terrible, without fail.”

The alternative is also necessary. If he plans a moment with conviction and then goes to bring it onto a real-life setting, it will undoubtedly go wrong. This idea has been mentioned before on StageMilk. But it is important to remember that you don’t need to plan. Be clear about your lines and motivations, but be open to being influenced by the environment. You can imagine a world completely different from the set of choreography. It can lead to poor performance on set if you are too rigid in your choices.

“I like to have many options and then make a decision at the moment.” I am trying to have as many options as possible, but I don’tdon’t make any decisions until I’mI’m fully immersed in the experience strong>

Anthony Hopkins, the famous Welsh actor, is said to have read his script more than 200 times each time he plays a role. He’llHe’ll have hundreds of different ways to say the line in his hotel room. Then, at the moment, it will just come out the way it is. It sounds like Phoenix is in a similar boat. He likes to have several options for saying the line, and then the best one will emerge in the heat of the moment.

I try not to make rules about the character…I don’tdon’t like the idea of’myof’my characters would never do that!” I don’tdon’t know how they’dthey’d act, and I do things all of the time that is outside of character. What does that even mean?

Actors often say this because they are too focused on their character. “Oh, my character wouldn’twouldn’t do that.” How can you possibly know all that a person can do? People do things out of character all the time. Take Luke in Star Wars. Would fighting Vader in Episode IV be considered ”in character? It’sIt’s not possible! As people change, his character can also change. It is possible to commit to one set of options that you know will be the best for you, even if it’s not what they would do.

“I don’tdon’t believe there are any rules. Every movie tells me what it wants…sometimes I talk about things in one movie differently than in another.”

Each project is unique, and you might need to adapt your approach depending on the circumstances. Every project has its parameters. A film with a well-known actor based on a book, graphic novel, or comic will offer a completely different experience than an a’mocumentarya’ or an entirely original piece of writing. Phoenix’sPhoenix’s point is that even if you do it one way, it doesn’tdoesn’t necessarily mean that it will work the same way on another project. Always be open to change and stimulus.