Key Ingredients For A Successful Fete (Plus What To Avoid)

Key Ingredients For A Successful Fete (Plus What To Avoid)

There’s no better way than helping to raise funds for a noble cause, and that is what running a successful fete is all about. A well-run fete can quickly help in bringing over hundreds of dollars and also aid in fostering a stronger relationship with the community. 

Setting up a charity event may sound easy in theory, but in practicality, it will be a stressful situation once the overall responsibility of the guests falls on your shoulders. You have to plan every move in the right manner as well as in advance so that the process could be carried out smoothly. 

Things To Keep In Mind For A Successful Fete

1. Selecting The Venue And The Date

Choosing the right kind of venue is significant because you have to ensure that the site has the capability to hold the number of guests who will visit the fete. It should have the required hospitality measures for guests to stay safe from sunny summer, cloudy monsoons and snowy winters. Apart from that, you also have to keep in mind about the traffic management and site security. 

Selecting the date is another task, as you have to make sure that there is no clash with other events or shows on the same day. You also have to triple-check the weather forecast too.

2. Setting Up The Budget And The Fete Committee

There’s nothing worse than seeing your income less than your expenses. You have to set a target that is generally 10 – 20 per cent greater than last time and then plan your expenses. You have to factor in all the required costs of catering, stalls, facilities, activities and entertainment, etcetera. 

After you’ve put up the budget, you have to set up the committee. The committee will be divided into various areas of responsibility, like marketing, finance, donations, sponsorships, risk management, and so on. People of the committee should be selected based on ability and overall experience in the field.

3. The Promotions, Handling Sponsorships And Donations

When it comes to advertising and promotions, social media is the only weapon that you’ll need beside you in 2019. You can set up a dedicated Facebook or Instagram page and then allow all your acquaintances to spread the word as much as they like. You can also run paid advertisements on social media. 

When it comes to sponsorship and donations, you can easily approach local businesses for support. These businesses will not only aid in donating prizes or money but also lend a helping hand in the process. You can offer promotional offers in return, via which the businesses will be promoted to the community. Always come up with a proposal that will benefit in both ways. Thanking your sponsors will also serve as a huge impact when you’ll be approaching them again for the following year.

4. Held Exciting Events And Keep Prices Reasonable

The choice of activities and events will depend on your budget. Nevertheless, you can always set up events like raffles, bumper cars, animal farms, dunking machine, face painting, jumping castles by hiring Bouncy Castle in Auckland services, etcetera. Both kids and adults will love these events and will also serve as a bonus way of generating revenue.

While setting up these events, you also have to keep the ticket prices in mind, even though you’re planning to raise as much money as possible. Too high price can easily make kids and parents nervous. Keep in mind that the fete is all about having fun and the objective of raising money should be secondary. The prices should be as reasonable as possible. 

Things To Avoid For A Successful Fete

1. Planning In A Haste

Planning is strategically the most crucial part of setting up and running a fete. You don’t want to hurriedly set up a public event that can quickly damage your reputation if it goes wrong. 

A well-thought-out and organised fete will be a much better experience not only for the guests but also for the committee as well. Always take your sweet time.

2. Keeping High Expectations About Raising Money

Since fete is a public event which includes both kids and adults, you should always keep your expectations reasonable. Even though this will be a fund-raising event, the focus should be on making your guests happy and not the other way around.

3. Not Thanking Your Volunteers

Thanking your volunteers is essential in keeping the relationship and reputation intact because you’ll never know when you need their help again. 

After the fete, you have to debrief your volunteers about the things they did well and things they didn’t. Try to be more on the appreciative side.