Life is Too Short for White Socks

Life is Too Short for White Socks

Over the past few years, there’s been an emerging trend toward more casual attire. People are encouraged to incorporate their unique flair into their outfits, regardless of if they’re heading downtown or to the office. Even in the most formal settings, there’s always a little wiggle room to add a pop of personality.

Socks have long been a boring necessity rather than a sought-after fashion trend— but not anymore. Life is too short for white socks, cookie-cutter outfits, and blending in. Here are some of the best sock trends to add to your wardrobe this year.

Popular Patterns and Trends

In recent years, colorful, patterned socks have become more commonplace. This trend is especially true for men, who can add this touch of whimsy under dress pants or even a tux at their wedding. We’ve seen more groomsmen in superhero socks and clean-cut businessmen wearing shark print socks.

Needless to say, novelty socks have made a huge statement in the past couple of years, and continue to do so now. Add something that showcases a bit of your personality. Love sushi? Get some maki roll socks? Come from a long line of Coca-Cola collectors? Celebrate with those iconic shades of red and white.

If the novelty socks are a bit too forward for you, keep it simple with some fun patterns and colors. Stripes, polka dots, and argyle will never go out of style.

Athleisure Fashion

One reason why the sock trend is taking off in the fashion world is another gamechanger in the world of fashion: athleisure. Gym clothes aren’t just for the gym anymore. Yoga pants are a wardrobe staple, sneakers can be worn with formal wear, and sports bras are meant to be viewed. This shift in fashion is causing many leading athletics brands to move away from performance gear into athleisure fashion. It also has luxury brands like Prada and Versace making athletic-inspired clothing, including— you guessed it— socks.

Socks are a key accessory in the athleisure fashion trend. Custom socks, in particular, are becoming more popular. To get the best of both worlds, Elite Sports Socks suggests looking for a breathable fabric that suits both athletic activities and casual wear.

With the athleisure sock trend, you might also see a resurgence in white knee-high socks, but you can bet they’ll have gym class worthy red or blue borders at the top.\


Needless to stay, standing out isn’t for everyone. The monochrome trend is ideal for those who can’t commit to the patterns and knee-high socks with sandals just yet. For these more reserved trendsetters, the monochrome look is the way to go.

Consider adding single-colored socks to your wardrobe. Choose a signature color and grab pairs in a variety of shades and hues. You can also stick with overarching color trends throughout the fashion world. In 2020, jewel tones are making a strong comeback. Look for shades of plum, emerald, and fuchsia. Retro-inspired colors are also making a comeback, from burnt orange to mustard yellow. 

To take this look to the next level, opt for a contrasting monochrome outfit. Bright red socks with all-black attire look chic and powerful. Royal blue socks with a white jumpsuit are fresh and eye-catching. Get creative and have fun.

When is Right for White?

Don’t let the headlines fool you— white socks, in certain situations, can look fashion-forward and fun. White ankle socks with subtle ruffles look fantastic with chunky heels. Celebs have been known to showcase their white tube socks with confidence over the past couple of years.

The key takeaway is that life is too short to adhere to societal norms and the preferences of others. Let your socks be a focal point and active participant in your style.