Love Your Piano?  Don’t Move Them Without the Professionals!

Love Your Piano? Don’t Move Them Without the Professionals!

Owning a piano is a matter of great joy and pride for music lovers. It’s like a companion you hold close to your heart. It is your partner in nurturing the musical journey you have traversed. You care for it like a baby in your house, use it when you are pleased or in need of a friend. A piano is always special to the ones who love music. You treasure it in your favourite corner of your home. But what when you have to move to a new place? When you rent or buy a new home, you’ll obviously want your companion for life to accompany you to the new location. And for this, you’ll have to be very careful when shifting. 

It’s not a secret that a piano can cost you a handsome amount when you go to buy it. That’s why it’s almost a treasure! Therefore, it demands proper care at all times. Whether it’s just keeping it in your living room, or when you are shifting home, piano needs great care in handling and moving it. This is something you can’t do on your own! Even when you are calling your friends for help, you can still be in trouble while moving and transporting it due to the lack of their expertise and experience.

Main reasons to call for professionals to move your piano! 

Moving a house includes lots of tiresome jobs to be fulfilled. Even if you rope in help, a group of amateurs shifting something as heavy as piano can be dangerous. And hiring professional Piano movers in London like London Piano Transport can be a really wise step during such a time. They know how to efficiently tackle its lifting and carrying, and even transporting with the help of their expert members. For more such reasons why you should contact them, read on:

  • Workers getting injured — We know pianos can be very heavy and complex. If you carry it on your own, even a slight slip or a wrong step can cause serious injury to you and damage to the piano too. On the other hand, the professionals are very tactful of this task. They have the experience on how to handle the heavy piano and the proper position in which you should hold it to carry it. That’s why their chance of getting injured here is very less or almost impossible.
  • Piano getting damaged — A piano can be worth thousands and it is very delicate too. If you aren’t accurate about your moving process, or there’s a mistake in taking it downstairs or during transporting it to the new home, it can break or get cracked or even face heavy damage in its parts. While professionals are always equipped with proper padding on the piano and know how to pass it even through the thinnest staircase, and transport it with extreme care. This means there’s almost no chance of it getting damaged.
  • Special equipment — Unlike other appliances or items in the household, a piano needs certain special equipment to get them transported. The professionals have the equipment and even the knowledge to detach any part of the piano (if needed) and therefore, it makes the procedure safer.
  • Insurance — Most of the companies offering piano moving facilities are insured. Which means if there’s any injury while moving the piano to the workers, or if the piano gets damaged, the company is liable to pay. This makes them a more preferable choice to opt for.
  • Cheaper than other options — If you first think about it, moving a piano by yourself or with your friends might appear a great choice. But, when you think of the costs that can come with the repairing of a broken piano or the treatment of an injured individual, it’ll look quite costly. Apart from this, the cost of lending some local helping hands, the travel expense, the packaging, etc. — if considered cumulatively, would perhaps even exceed the cost of hiring professionals. While a professional piano moving company offers you a complete package — including the packing of the piano to the transportation, and even unloading and proper placing of it in the new destination. This makes their fees worth the cost!

It’s not necessary that you require a piano moving expert team only when you are moving homes. Even when you get a potential buyer for it, and if you want to transfer the same to the home of its new owner, these professionals can handle that efficiently too. Or perhaps you planned a new music room, and want your piano moved there – herein too piano movers can help! In this way, your piano reaches it’s new nest in intact condition. In short, whatever the reason may be, or wherever you want your piano to be transferred, never take the risk of handling it on your own. Trust the professionals; they have not let down the ones who trusted them before!