Luxury Suit Hangers Need These 3 Features to Truly Protect Your Garments

Luxury Suit Hangers Need These 3 Features to Truly Protect Your Garments

It takes time and smart money to purchase a suit and have them appropriately tailored, so you’re always looking your best. To adequately protect your investment, ongoing garment maintenance, and proper storage are essential.

A time-tested method for taking proper care of your suits is to purchase luxury suit hangers. Unlike cheap plastic or wire options, these wardrobe accessories will properly care for clothes while they are hanging in your closet.

When shopping for your next luxury suit hangers, look for these three essential features.

1) A Wide Neck and Shoulders
It is important to hang a suit jacket in a way that closely resembles the way it hangs around your neck and shoulders.

To this end, the brackets and the neck of the hanger should be wide enough to support the suit without causing it to sag. Also, the shoulders and neck should be constructed from a single piece of quality wood. Choose materials such as beech or spruce so that it maintains its original shape over its entire lifespan.

2) An Extra-Wide Felted Trouser Bar
The addition of felt to an extra-wide trouser bar not only keeps the pants from slipping off of the bar but also decreases the pressure on the pants as it hangs. The result is a way to store a pair of pants that will never be creased by the trouser bar.

For added utility, you can even find luxury suit hangers that are equipped with two trouser bars so you can hang an extra pair pants with the suit jacket.

3) A 360° Swivel Hook
It may seem like an inconsequential accessory on a luxury suit hanger but a 360° Swivel Hook makes it easier to remove your suit from your closet without unduly stretching it in any way. They also make it easier to organize your closet saving you time and effort.

Trust An Experienced Partner for Your Next Purchase
A luxury suit hanger is more than an indulgence, it is also an investment in your wardrobe. Finely tailored suits can last a lifetime if properly cared for and luxury suit hangers a necessity in this regard.

Butler Luxury offers a wide range of luxury coat, shirt, suit, and trouser hangers. In addition, the store offers gift cards and gift packages so you can find the right present for every person in your life. Cheers to an organized year ahead!

For more information on finding the right best ones to meet your storage needs, please contact us at Butler Luxury. We can be found online at or reached directly at (888) 319-3431.

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