Office Options: 7 Modern Alternatives to the Traditional Office

Office Options: 7 Modern Alternatives to the Traditional Office

Advancements in technology and the recent COVID-19 pandemic have people rethinking the traditional office setting. Many of today’s workers are on the move, working remotely from just about anywhere in the world. Some work from their couches at home, while others might claim a corner spot at their local café. 

With such flexibility in the workplace these days, it’s no wonder that people are finding innovative locations from which to do their jobs. Though many managers were hesitant at first, most are now finding that workers are just as productive as they were in a traditional office setting. 

With all this in mind, let’s take a look at some modern alternatives to the traditional office setting. 

  1. Managed Office Suites

Whether it’s to cut costs or to reduce exposure to viral infections, many employers are turning to professionally managed service office suites. These managed offices include all the comforts of a traditional office setting without the expense, hassle, or commitment. 

With flexible monthly leases, administrative staff for repetitive tasks, fewer overhead costs, and all the equipment and furnishings an office needs, today’s entrepreneurs can conduct business as usual without committing to a dedicated office space. 

  1. Home

Many remote workers operate from home. By adapting kitchens, spare rooms, and unused corners of their houses, remote employees are able to create office-like settings in their homes. Such setups allow them to be productive while maintaining a flexible schedule and a better work-life balance

  1. Cafés

It’s commonplace nowadays to see freelancers deep in concentration at their local coffee shop. With power outlets, free Wi-Fi, and a bustling atmosphere that’s conducive to productivity, cafés are the perfect setting for getting remote work done. Plus, you can enjoy a cup of the finest coffee or tea in town whenever you feel a slump coming on. 

  1. Playing Workstation Popcorn

Playing workstation popcorn is as simple as hopping from workplace to workplace, which gives you a break from screens as you travel from spot to spot. The idea is to assign specific tasks to each workplace, so you know what you’re doing when you get there and can get started right away. Working in this fashion gives you the change of scenery you need to replenish your motivation, so you can be more productive all day long. 

  1. Digital Nomading

In today’s ultra-connected world, a new term has surfaced: digital nomad. A digital nomad is someone who travels around the world, stopping in different locations here and there to conduct work. These working travelers might stay in one location for a couple of days, a couple of weeks, or a couple of months. There’s no real timeline for a digital nomad – they go where their hearts (and the Wi-Fi) lead them. 

  1. Moveable Desks

Some employers realize the need for literal flexibility as well as figurative flexibility. As such, they have furnished their offices with moveable, adjustable desks. This allows staff to switch from standing to sitting or to quickly wheel their workstations together for team meetings or collaborative projects.

  1. Outside

Natural light and fresh air are powerful motivators. They rejuvenate the body and mind, which is why some employers embrace outdoor office spaces. One such employer in the US called LiquidSpace has created some awesome outdoor office spaces for its employees. Hopefully, this healthy trend catches on and spreads throughout the world. 

Thanks to advancements in technology, today’s workers can operate out of some pretty innovative settings. With people being more mobile than ever before, these modern alternatives to the traditional office are just a few of the places people are getting their jobs done.