Myth Busted! Women Can Be Great Drivers Too!

Myth Busted! Women Can Be Great Drivers Too!

It’s been centuries since women have been proving themselves as equal to men. They have been constantly struggling to excel in each and every phase of life to let the world know that they can! Be it in the work area or managing home, being pilots to driving cars, they have been trying hard to prove their worth in every genre. Still, the jokes on women drivers do exist, and just how!

It’s finally time to let the world know that these jokes on women being the worst drivers are just a joke after all! Women can drive well and even better than their male counterparts. There have been a number of women who love to drive, and more and more women are enrolling every day for driving lessons in Redditch, and have been doing great in it too!

 Pointers that prove women to be great drivers!

There have been numerous cases where women have proved their driving skills beyond doubt. These women have done well in their driving school. Thinking about their comfort level, many driving schools employ female driving instructors in Birmingham. Just pass school of motor training is one such school that provides excellent driving lessons for all by experienced male and female teachers. Now let us note the points that establish women as competent drivers.

  • Women have negligible road complex — It’s often seen that while men are driving, they feel that they own the road. They seem to be having a competition with almost every other driver (and mostly with female drivers!). Women are more comfortable with the concept of sharing the road with others, and they are not possessive or territorial about their driving skills either.
  •  Women cause lesser accidents — A recent study has revealed that more than average road accidents are caused by cars driven by men. This study also proved that the motherly instincts that women have to give them a benefit in this aspect. Those instincts make women more conscious of and caring about others, and therefore they are safe drivers. This proves that women drivers are more likely to be defensive drivers and avoid any kind of accident-causing behavior.
  • Women have better and longer concentration — Although there are a lot of jokes that show women applying makeup and taking their eyes  (and concentration) off the road while driving, a recent study says that estrogen in women tends to give them much longer attention duration than men, and hence she can concentrate better on the roads.  
  • Women are better in following rules and regulations — There are various examples and studies that have proven that women tend to abide by the rules and regulations better than men. This makes them great drivers as well since better drivers are the ones who follow the lane’s discipline and all the safety rules accurately. The basic trait of having the natural tendency to understand and obey the rules naturally proves them to be safer and better drivers.
  •  Cases of drinking and driving are less in women drivers — Drinking and driving is one of the main causes of numerous accidents happening daily around the globe. Most of the traffic studies performed on this subject prove that men are more likely to drink and drive (compared to women drivers). Multiple studies like Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Michigan Drunk Driving Audit (and more such) have focused on this matter stating that there are more arrests of men drinking and driving than women.
  • Women can be great racers too — Until now we have always seen men racers in the movies! Hence, we tend to believe that because men drive well, they can become racers! This, we all know, isn’t true! Recently lots of women have proved their racing abilities by participating in car races and even winning them! Look up the names Shirley Muldowney, Danica Patrick, Erica Enders-Stevens, Erica Enders-Stevens (and there are many more) – and you shall get a clear idea about how much women race car drivers and achieved!

 Don’t these points bust the myth that women drivers aren’t compatible? Yes, after reading these, I’m sure you shall have no doubt about the competence of female drivers!