Nick Perri Interview

Nick Perri Interview

Nick Perri

Since the very beginning of his rockstar journey itself, Nick Perri has stated that one of his primary aims has always been to be the best possible version of himself in every way. Being a veteran guitarist in the scene, his lead playing has a very melodic and free-flowing style, making him more of a standout as compared to other guitarists in the scene. The best part is that this year in particular, the budding guitarist has a lot of new music in the pipeline that hopes to see a release as soon as possible.With regard to his band,  The Underground Thieves, they have had an extremely busy, but very fruitful year so far with music having released a slew of singles all year. Having gotten busy with touring and the like in the subsequent months, one can only hope that this accumulated in the release of a sophomore album sometime soon. Given his influences as a guitarist, one can be sure that the hard rock gods ACDC will certainly feature very high on that list. 

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On that very note, it should really come as no surprise to anyone out there that he considers Angus Young, the guitarist of ACDC to be one of his primary favourites and the main reason for him picking up a guitar in the first place. The current band that he is now in, is a culmination of his entire music career upto this point and everything that he has wanted to do and pursue from an artistic point of view. In a nutshell, he is exactly where he is supposed to be and things are only going to get better and bigger from this point onwards. With the release of his band’s new single “Fall”, one can listen to the melancholic touch he gives to his playing during the solo sections. This is almost reminiscent of the classic rock giants Pink Floyd’s sound,

Guaranteeing the band instant recognition status. Even though the rhythm section is a tad lighter than most other hard rock bands around, the sheer feel of the music is undoubtedly there, making it an instant classic even for the most casual rock listeners out there. Having supported a range of stellar rock acts such as Slash, Black Stone Cherry and the like, the band and Nick alike are all set to reach the stars in no time at all with regard to fame. The interesting part is that for several years on end, Nick had composed a lot of music on his own, but simply didn’t have the right band to play with. Now with the The Underground Thieves, all the pieces of the puzzle seem to have fallen into place and he couldn’t be happier with the turn of events. For all those of you who are still wondering, a single gig will certainly tell you that Nick is all about the portrayal of the raw and gritty rock and roll power on stage, This itself makes sure that his stage presence is an aspect worth remembering for a considerable amount of time.