What It Takes to Organize a Great Live Music Concert

What It Takes to Organize a Great Live Music Concert

Music concerts are the best way for musicians to connect to their fans and interact with the crowd. A live show is an unforgettable event for both the musicians and the crowd, but planning these events isn’t as easy as you may think. There’s a lot of strategic planning and thorough preparation that goes into making sure every detail is planned and carried out to perfection. If you’ve ever been to a live show, you know that you need to do a lot of things until that first chord is played. That means someone had to plan every part of that process and make sure people would come and have the most memorable experience.


All good things start with a budget and that will significantly decide what type of event you could plan. Before setting up a budget, think about what you’d like to achieve with the event, would people need to buy tickets, and are you expecting some sponsors to help you with organizational costs or not. Write down all the factors you need to pay for and try to come up with a realistic budget. This part is crucial because you need to know the exact amount of money you’ll need to have to start preparing everything for the big day. This will help you in creating the ticket price and help you return your investment.


Finding a suitable event depends on the type of event you want to organize and the budget you have. Do a thorough research of different venues and try to find the one that would be perfect for your event. If you want to step up your game, try to negotiate with some popular venues and try to lower the price or offer them some promotional services that will allow you to host your show there. If you want to work with a venue you haven’t visited yet, go on the lookout and see if it fits your standards. Make sure you check everything, from the entrance and the toilets to the parking space and the backstage.


There’s no concert without good and quality equipment, so ask your artists what type of equipment they’ll need. Many of them prefer bringing their instruments and they require high-tech gear to make sure their sound will be impeccable. Think about finding a company that offers renting stages for concerts that will make everything much easier and make your event look more professional. Create a plan of arrival for all the equipment and make sure to check with the band when they want to do a soundcheck which will be crucial to include in your deal with the company providing equipment.


Nowadays there are so many ways to promote your concert and social media is the perfect way to spread the word. Start by creating different posters to announce all the details regarding the show and encourage the fans to share them. Also, ask the band to make a short video and invite their fans to the concert to make it more personal and intimate. In the end, go to local radio shows or on TV shows to talk about the event and maybe share some tickets to get the fans engaged and feel included. This will get the fans even more excited, and they’ll love the attention you’re giving them. Doing these things right before the show will create a positive vibe about it and that’s ultimately going to bring more people over and elevate the overall quality of your event.


In this day and age, recording everything that’s going on is vital if you want to reach a wider audience. It’s all about showing the world what something looked like and giving the people who weren’t at the event a chance to experience it. However, from an organizational point of view, this might not be the easiest idea in the world. If you’re trying to capture everything in the right way, you need to get a ton of equipment – from your cameras and mics to your light beams and sound machines – and make sure everything functions properly. Also, you have to try to make it all work in sync and avoid having issues with your recording session. Finally, you’ll have to hire a few more people who will orchestrate the entire thing: sound engineers, sound designers, cameramen, and producers, among others. 

Organize tickets

Be prepared for people trying to counterfeit your tickets and trying to get inside without paying for the entrance. That is why you need to think about different ways of tickets and best ways to promote your event. One of the most used ways lately is creating a unique code for every person that buys a ticket. That way, with a simple code reader at the entrance, you’ll be able to follow if a certain code has been used more than once. Let everyone know that they can get inside only once, and prevent people from sharing tickets and trying to sneak inside.

On the day of the event, talk to everyone on your team and give them different tasks to keep track of everything that needs to be done that day. Make sure the equipment arrives on time, that the band doesn’t come in late and that the doors are open on time. Lastly, make the final announcement of how many tickets are still available for purchase and invite more people to come.