Pro Designer Secrets That Can Take Your Kitchen Renovation Project to a Whole New Level

Pro Designer Secrets That Can Take Your Kitchen Renovation Project to a Whole New Level

When you start planning your dream kitchen, it’s always a very exciting time knowing that there are no such limits to your thinking process. With that being said, thinking about so many things at the same time can not only be overwhelming but difficult to implement as well. This is why you need to make some key considerations regarding the same and knowing about secrets that top designers always use to make kitchens look gorgeous and lively. Going ahead with such tips and tricks will help you design a perfect kitchen successfully, which you’ll love and adore.

The top kitchen designers in the world such as kitchen renovations in Sydney have many secrets that they deploy steadily for performing a brilliant kitchen remodel and the following are some of them that you ought to know.

The Designer Secrets That Counts When Renovating Your Entire Kitchen

  • Adjusting Your Overall Layout

Your first and foremost work would be to first plan out your overall layout of the kitchen before you start any further work. The modern layout of the kitchen should consist of working areas for your cooking preparation, appliances, cleaning-up essentials and so on. You also have to include the aspect that more than one person can also be inside the kitchen at any given point of time, so you have to account for the traffic flow inside your kitchen. Your work areas and seating areas should be strategically placed in such a way that you’ll feel efficient and convenient when using your kitchen for extended periods. 

There are indeed numerous ways through which you can prepare a meal inside your kitchen and the final approach will decide the path you want to take. For instance, you can go ahead with a layout that will place all your appliances and kitchen counters together, so that you don’t have to move around much. On the other hand, you can also opt for a more spaced-out layout (in case you have the necessary resources, i.e. extra space) so that you can move around freely when doing your cooking. Moreover, you can also plan to go with a plan that maintains a clever balance between the two – it’s all upon your choice and needs.

If you want your kitchen to have efficient cleaning-up resources, then you need to locate your sink and dishwasher together very closely. Furthermore, you need to plan out an area where you’ll be storing your dustbins.

  • Staying Colour Neutral

Flashy and vibrant colours are out of any sort of popularity and the current age is all about maintaining a colour neutral set up. You don’t want your guests to arrive at your kitchen and hate your newly remodelled kitchen. This is why choosing the right colours do matter a lot. You can easily choose between classic features such as stainless-steel fixtures, subway tiles, countertops made from granite and so on. 

In case you’re looking for style, you can add in an accent wallpaper or a splash of any colourful portrait painting – both of which will be easily removable and changed later on. Furthermore, adding wallpaper or paintings will be inexpensive too.

  • Going With A Pull-Out Pantry

When you compare traditional cabinet storage or drawer solutions to pull-out pantries, you can easily see that pull-out pantries are much easier to work with and even find the item that you’re looking for quickly too. 

In case your pantry is much wider (wide over sixteen inches), then the best option for you would be to choose shelves that roll-out when opening. This is because the overall weight of the wide pantry will not be manageable and can breakdown at any moment.