How Is Roof Decking Repaired (and Can It Be a DIY Project?)

How Is Roof Decking Repaired (and Can It Be a DIY Project?)

If you’ve had your roof for over 20 to 25 years, or it was recently damaged in some way, you can expect to need to do roof decking.

Depending on the size of the roof and what needs to be done, you could be looking at a hefty price. However, the roof is one of the most important aspects of your home. It might not be a fun renovation project or something that helps increase the curb appeal of your home, but it’s important nonetheless. 

Many homeowners, in the hopes of saving a heap of money, look to try and do the roof decking repair themselves. Are roof decking repairs a DIY project, though? Keep reading to learn more.

What Is the Cost to Replace Deck Roofing?

The cost to replace your decking will depend on a variety of factors. One is the type of roof you have. A flat roof deck might have different costs from a steep-slope roof. The size of the roof is another huge determining factor. All of these decisions have an impact on the total cost of the project.

When you do all of this work yourself and are not an expert, you could end up spending thousands more than you need to. A roofing contractor has the experience and expertise to know cost-saving cuts unique to your personal situation. When you try to take uninformed cost-cutting measures, you risk making a mistake that could lead to expensive repairs later.

If you do decide to hire a roofing contractor, do your research to find the best roofing company for you and your home.

How Much Decking Needs Replaced?

Something else you must consider when looking into whether or not you think you can DIY roof decking repairs is figuring out how much needs to be replaced. If the damage is limited to a small area, you may be able to replace only a single board. If the entire decking is old and beginning to show signs of damage from its age, then it may be best to replace the entire decking with new plywood.

  • Carrying Out the Work

For someone inexperienced, getting topside on the roof is dangerous. Contractors have had years of experience navigating the slick surface of a roof. 

Needless to say, while deciding whether or not you think you can do the repairs yourself, it’s vital you be honest with yourself. Will you be able to keep a sure footing? Can you catch yourself in time if you slip?

If you do decide to do the repairs yourself, there are certain tools you’ll need. One such tool is the air nail gun. The nail gun will help make your work easier.

Finishing the decking isn’t where your project will end if you decide to DIY. You’ll also have to contend with placing down shingles and flashing. 

  • Disposal of Materials

Did you know that doing roof repairs generates a lot of trash? If you decide to do all the work yourself in an effort to save money, then you’re going to have to figure out how to dispose of the waste. More than likely, you will need to rent an industrial-sized bin to contain all the old materials you’ll be stripping away.

  • Let the Experts Handle Roof Decking Repairs

As you can see, replacing the roof decking yourself is quite a monumental task. You’ll be looking at numerous days of long, hard work. You’ll need to practice the utmost safety or risk falling and harming yourself (perhaps even fatally!). Finally, if you make any mistakes while installing new decking, then you’ll pay the price later in catastrophic water damage to the roof.

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