Should You Attend the Home Inspection

Should You Attend the Home Inspection

Home buyers often ask us “Should I attend the home inspection?”

We recommend all buyers to attend our pre-purchase inspections and talk with the inspector about the condition of their home. This is important for a variety of reasons.

Understanding what you are investing in

This is the obvious answer to the question “Should you attend the home inspection in aurora co?” Most likely, the purchase of a house is the biggest single investment we will ever make.

According to the Colorado Association of Realtors report, the average residential single-family home sale price has risen to $650,000 as this article is being written. Finding the perfect house is becoming increasingly difficult due to a lack of inventory.

The market is not going to end with the seller’s side. Nearly every listing that is put on the market goes under contract quickly. A market with few options and high prices makes it difficult to find a home. This is why the home inspection is so important in the home buying process. It is crucial to fully understand the condition of the house and the investment you are making.

The inspector will inspect the entire home and identify any areas that need attention.

Our inspectors use the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Standard of Practice when assessing a home. These standards guide the inspector in determining what systems to inspect, how to inspect, which areas to report on and how to deal with any areas that have not been inspected.

A home inspection report is a written summary of the findings. It is usually emailed to the buyer electronically after the inspection.

A home buyer who is present for all or part of the home inspection will be able to hear directly from the inspector about the main findings and areas of concern.

The inspector will take you through the house and identify areas that need attention. These results will allow the buyer to see what you’re investing in, and which future investments of money or time are needed to improve the home.

A picture is worth a thousand words

The inspector will be able to identify any concerns firsthand, which is one of the greatest reasons to attend a home inspection. Inspection reports will include photos of the concerns and a description of the areas that need attention.

It is essential to see the situation firsthand and understand the context and perspectives of the concern. To fully comprehend the concerns, it is important to be able to ask the inspector questions.

While many inspection items may be maintenance-type, others could represent age-related or deferred maintenance issues. Sometimes, an item may need to be repaired more extensively.

A home buyer can learn more about the problem by seeing it in person. Sometimes, a specialist contractor will be needed to give a repair estimate or to help clarify the scope of work required to resolve a problem. It is easier to relay your concern to a contractor if you have experienced the problem firsthand.

The inspection summary or being present at the inspection helps you understand the context of the items in the report. You will have a good understanding of each item and concern when you review the written report.

It is important to present the findings in a well-organized and easily readable report. Your inspector can view a sample home inspection report to get an idea of how your report will look.

Know How to Manage Your Home

Your home inspector will also review the location of all main shut-off valves within the house. Homeowners need to know how to shut off water and gas valves and where the main electrical disconnect is located.

Our home inspectors will find these items and added to the inspection report. However, it is best to see them in person in an emergency.

If a forced air furnace is present, an inspector will be able to show you where it is located and how to change it. You can also review other items, such as garage door controls and thermostat location, and any other unique items related to operating and controlling the home.

When should you attend the home inspection?

We have accumulated years of experience inspecting homes and recommend that home buyers attend the final hour. Home inspections generally take between 2 and 4 hours depending on the size and age of the house.

It is best to allow the home inspector to inspect the entire home and then document the findings. You can still look around the house during the inspector’s final hour. The inspector will then present a summary and conduct a walk-through to identify areas of concern.

We have found this approach to be the most effective. Some home buyers would like to be present for the whole inspection and spend time with the inspector as he or she inspects. This can also work well. It allows home buyers to see the inspection as well as to talk about each item during the walk through.

We recommend that only the primary home buyer attend the home inspection. This will allow you and your inspector to see and discuss the inspection results more focused.

We have witnessed home buyers bring their children, fathers, builders, parents and other people to inspections. We know how exciting it is to see your dream home, and show it off to loved ones.

However, more people will distract you from your full understanding of the home’s condition.

It can be exciting, but also stressful to buy a house. This will be more than just an investment. It will also be the home you live in and where you raise your family. It is important to know the condition of the house before you purchase.