Shy and Looking Forward – What to Do and Expect on a Second Date?

Shy and Looking Forward – What to Do and Expect on a Second Date?

So you have finally had your first date and are now all set for the second one! But they did any of the pressure go away? We don’t think so! Now that you have actually got a second date you are all anxious and nervous as to what to do! Isn’t it? So you think to yourself how you can now make the most of this chance and are pondering over it all over again. If this sounds like you then go ahead and read as our tips might just be the thing you need. 

  • Take the conversation to another level

So it is now your second date and this is indeed the chance to impress them. According to experts, it is a good idea to often speak about real-world problems like politics and the day to day issues. This shows that you are far above the comfort zone and are now ready to discuss the real stuff. Second dates are also a good chance for you to show off your humor and wit. Try and say something funny and your chances of getting a third date instantly increases. People often like those who possess a strong sense of humor. So if you have got it then why not flaunt? And even if humor doesn’t come naturally to you, it doesn’t harm to learn a few jokes, isn’t it? 

So if your second date is going just well and you are actually liking this person then it is the chance to show them how you feel! You might think that it is too corny to just blurt it out this soon. But remember that an honest answer is always better. If you clearly show your date that you are into them then they can take things ahead accordingly. Why play pretense and hide your feelings unnecessarily? You can easily find an amazing woman through asian dating in Sydney and she could turn out to be the one. 

  • Look for Signs 

So you wish to know whether your date actually likes you back too. Then notice if their voice is suddenly high pitched. If so then it is a good sign. It means that they are getting excited in your presence. Another clue is the fact that you two are laughing at the same things. According to a university study, if both of you crack up at the same time then it definitely means that there is a possibility of romance. So the chances of getting a third date are in fact high! 

  • Don’t stress things 

So when it’s your second date you don’t have to bother about certain things. For instance, it doesn’t matter who among the two of you would pay the bill. However, if you wish to play it safe then suggest splitting the bill! Moreover, no need to stress it if you guys did not kiss the very second date. It is pretty normal if the person needs their time before getting comfortable with you. There is no rule book here seriously and you should just do what feels right. 

Thus, second dates are actually more interesting than the first. This is when you get to know the person even better and take things to the next level. There is definitely no room for any pretense when you are on your second date. So you might as well make it worth it and just be yourself. Have a clear idea about the topics you would like to discuss and don’t shy away when they come up. Moreover, if you think that your date is opening up to you then it is indeed a good indicator. While you are at it, make sure that you take the opportunity to actually know them. 

The second date is when the two of you can really bond. Keep it simple and you will see things going in your favor. To your surprise, there are studies that confirm the fact that love, at first sight, is too cliché. If you haven’t felt the spark on your first date then it doesn’t mean that there is no possibility. The second day is when you will actually go past the small talk and discover more about each other.